GIBSON Admits Fault, FENDER Weighs In, PRS CE NEW vs OLD

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3:40 – Thank You Alan (Washington Music Center) for the SNAPPLE!!
6:00 – 3 articles on Gibson & Fender … Discussed (also linked below for your own review):

►Gibson admits fault: (thank you Karol)

►Fender weighs in: (thank you Bill)

►Fender’s State of the Union: (thank you Bill)

16:21 Viewer Question: Why so much signature gear today?
21:20 Framus ‘Instagram’ letter explained! eh, hem … Fargo!
25:30 NEW PRS CE vs. OLD PRS CE … What are the differences?
40:25 Mission Engineering 529 – Features further explained.
43:25 PRS CE vs. S2
45:00 PIMP by S2 Unboxing! SUPRISE ‘CUSTOM TTK’ ITEM Included! WOW. Thank you Jeanne! You’re the best!!

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