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Boys & Girls : Viewer Venues is an opportunity for The Tone King to give back a bit, to those who tune in regularly, that do infact fit the bill of aspiring artist / musician.  These viewers are active participants on The Tone King’s YouTube Channel : and also contribue to the community with their own content. 

bensonToday, I give you Charles Benson.  Charles Benson, aka YouTube UserID Akaboo69 is a tremendous guitarist, and simply wails out the licks with ease.  Not only is he a talented guitarist, but he writes some killer songs, and has a CD that YOU can purchase!  Show your support, and reach out to Charles Benson for the details.   This is how you can reach him : 

Here is a great song he wrote, which really demonstrates his talent …

And … here are the details on his full CD :  Slaying the Dragon

1) The desert
2) Reign of the Pharaohs
3) Jamming for Jesus
4) Hymn for the Dead
5) For the one I love(King of Kings)
6) Armageddon
7) The dungeon
8- Final Hour
9) Slaying the Dragon
10) Until we meet again

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