An Open Letter to G&L Guitars: Get Your Head Out of Your Ass!

Dear G&L Guitars




How you can stop making stupid decisions and start making money!


Dear G&L,

The outstanding product that you produce as a guitar manufacturer is belied by your terrible mismanagement as a company.

What seemed at first as a charming humbleness that you never seemed interested in sharing your capabilities as a superior guitar manufacturer to the world has completely revealed itself as just sheer stupidity.

I was made aware of this when, recently, I was taken out to dinner by one of your senior employees as well as one of your most well-regarded reps. Over the course of dinner and drinks, it became increasingly apparent that I, a mere novice in the world of marketing, knew volumes more than those who propose to bring word of your product to the world.

Your foolishness only became further exacerbated when word came down that you had fired the aforementioned well-regarded rep.

The good news is that I can provide you some tips that will help you turn things around.

First, your stupidity is only outmatched by Fender’s greed. Fender has recently moved to sell ALL of their equipment online direct to buyer. Thus eviscerating the retailers that have helped make Fender the monolith that it is. This affords you a great opportunity.

While many retailers would’ve been reluctant and downright fearful to leave Fender in the past, this recent kick to the nuts will force many of these retailers to start reviewing other options.

The proposal is simple: You become that other option.

After making sure that your reps are well-compensated, something I have been made aware has been a problem for you lately, send them to these retailers with a proposition: “G&L guitars has your back!”

Specifically, G&L guitars will provide dealers with quality USA made guitars for less than half of the price of Fender. Not to mention that the custom options that are available for these guitars far surpass anything available from Fender! To top it off, dealers will be able to pick the guitars that they want and won’t be regulated to carry a bunch of crap gear that the manufacturer dictates.

Second, you will hire a proper marketing firm that will help get your name out there. Everybody knows what a Fender guitar is; nobody knows what a G&L is. Hell, there are guitar companies that have been in the market for half as long as you have and even they have somehow managed to make a better name for themselves than G&L. Coordinate with your dealers and get some videos out there of your guitars. Let people hear how good your gear sounds. Don’t be shy!

Tap into that huge juggernaut that is the country music scene. Country players would love your ASAT. And you know who sells a mega-shit-ton of records? Country players. Even though I hate to admit it.

Finally, start reaching out to third party outlets to promote your products. I hear there’s this site called that has a ton of freaking visitors that love guitars. Something worth checking out.

In closing, I want to assure you that there is nothing wrong with your product. On the contrary, you guys build some of the best guitars in the business. But frankly, you need to get your head out of your asses and start getting your guitars out there. Fender has already opened the door for you. All you have to do is step through.


Nothing but love,



P.S. Build a website that doesn’t look like it was made in 1995 on Geocities would ya? Jeez!

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