3 Pedal Shoot-Out : MXR Classic Distortion vs. Zakk Wylde Overdrive vs. Washburn Soloist

Link to this Friday’s Live Webcast : rel=”nofollow”>https://thetoneking.com/ttklive/

Happy Thanksgiving. My gift to you is the following : A Black Friday Door Pedal Buster Shoot-Out!

So … Guitar Center will be having the MXR Classic Distortion pedal as their Door Buster pedal. Sam Ash will be having the MXR Zakk Wyle Overdrive pedal as their Door Buster special. And … you’ll see online, some crazy deals, like this one I got last year for 20 bucks … the Washburn Soloist Distortion pedal.

So, if you don’t know which line to wait on … hopefully this shoot-out will help you out!

Gear wise … using a BC Rich Zoltan Bathory Assassin guitar, going into a Carvin V3. For effects, I am running a Line 6 M13 in the loop. Everything was mic’d up w/ the e609, sm57 at the at2020.

I hope you enjoy the video! And … comment below, which was your fav?

ROCK ON, signed, TTK.

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