You Don’t Need to Be Famous to Play a Framus – But some of the coolest rock stars out there are

One of the coolest and most interesting things about the gear world is endorsements and pro models. At its most basic, it’s an opportunity to own and use a piece of an artist’s legacy. Maybe, every time you plug it in or give it a strum, you’ve gotten just a teensy bit closer to soaking up some of the things that make that artist revered and successful.

It’s probably a factor that many of the major makers can credit with their continuing success. Everyone knows Jimi played this and the other Jimmy played that and that as good as a product as other companies can deliver, that name at the top of the headstock is still part of the mojo for many. But the big-time builders don’t have a monopoly on this calling card.

One of our most very favorite builders, Framus, has a pretty righteous stable of talent that chooses it’s guitars to deliver the goods. Teaming up with Framus gives them access to some of the finest craftsman in the world and a chance to shake up the marketplace.

The best part is that you don’t need a rockstar’s budget to pick up one of your favorite Framus guitar heroes Artist axes.

Take Devin Townshend’s Stormbender Artist model. No one out there except Framus is building anything like this, probably because no one out there plays guitar like Devin. But whether you choose the top-shelf Masterbuilt model, the nicely appointed Teambuilt model or the ready-to-rock Standard, you’re getting all the vibe and ingenuity the guitar’s namesake and Framus’ team of designers and builders put into the model.

A personal favorite of this writer is the William DuVall Artist model. One, because Alice and Chains figures heavily into my coming-of-age years and, two, because DuVall is a D.C. guy (a place I called home for nearly twenty years). You could put just about any name on that model though, and I’d still dig it. Much like the Stormbender, there are three different trim lines available for the DuVall, each as exciting and classy as the next.

Veteran player Stevie Salas and Wolf Hoffmann also have Artist models in multiple trim lines up for grabs as well, and even if you don’t grab a hold of a Framus Artist model you’re still choosing a brand that plenty of rock stars are relying on to provide the best tone, performance and stage presence out there. If you select a Masterbuilt instrument, you can make an Artist model of your very own!–0Y3jIMREs&list=PLncM860ccUCQ0_6BGjvjHQqNLVjttXB3T

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