NAMM 2019 : Marshall Studio Vintage 20 – the 20W Plexi

If there’s one guitar amp company that doesn’t need any introduction, it’s definitely Marshall. This british amp builder has been very famous for various amp models over the years from the ’60s to this day.

One of their most iconic amps is the JMP 1959SLP (a.k.a Plexi) — made famous by Jimi Hendrix. For Winter NAMM 2019, Marshall is bringing it back in a small wattage format. So now, we can finally get this ironic amp that will still be usable if/when we’re not playing it for big stadium gigs.

The Studio Vintage 20 brings the classic tone of the JMP 1959SLP straight to your home. Arguably the most famous amp of all time has been perfectly reinvented for today’s guitarist. Uniting the original all-valve sound with the choice to switch between 20W and 5W at the touch of a button, all packed into the definitive rock rig

The Studio Vintage 20 comes in both Combo (SV20C) or Head (SV20H) with matching 1×12″ (SV112) or vertical 2×12″ (SV212) Cab. They’re handcrafted in the UK and they’re capturing the classic Marshall spirit and tone. It is everything you would expect from the JMP 1959SLP now available with power reduction technology, letting you shift through the gears from 20W to 5W, as well with an effect loop that can be taken out of the circuit for all purist players out there.

It is powered by two EL34, and just like on the original Plexi amp, you have 4 inputs (Lead & Bass with both High & Low), with the ability to jump them to obtain the legendary tones we’ve heard on thousands of records.

The Combo comes with a 1×10″ Celestion V-type (16Ω, 50W), while both cabs are equipped with 12″ version of the Celestion V-Type (16Ω, 70W) speakers.

SV20H: 500mm/19.7″ (W), 240mm/9.4″ (H), 230mm/9.1″ (D) — 9.25kg / 20.4lbs
SV20C: 500mm/19.7″ (W), 460mm /18.1″ (H), 245mm/9.6″ (D) — 15.9kg / 35lbs
SV112 Cab: 500mm/19.7″ (W), 480mm/18.9″(H), 245mm/9.7″(D) — 12.25kg / 27.1lbs
SV212 Cab: 530mm/20.9″ (W), 750mm/29.5″(H), 310mm/12.2″(D) — 23.85kg / 52.6lbs

We still have to wait to know exactly the street price in the US, but it’s been said to be around $1,200 mark, to place it between the asian made entry price models such the DSL or Origin and the higher end England made handwired models.

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