NAMM 2019 : Diamond Amps are back – with something for everyone!

I remember a time where the only guitar brands you’d pick from were either Fender or Gibson — and the only amps you’d use them with would have the name Fender or Marshall on them. Of course, there was always few other brands but that was very marginal. 

Over the years, we saw more famous brands coming on the market, for both the guitars and the amps. Famous brands such Vox, Orange, Peavey, PRS, you name it, but even after multiple decades it was still a small list of names. How so?

Well, until very lately, many guitarists were buying gear from those brands, on their name alone, without even considering other brands that would actually fit their needs and budget even better. This is almost sad, but this is the kind what decades of marketing and sales forces can make to a market. Also, since musicians like to get the same gear their favorite artist own and use, it led to decades of players using gear from those big brands only.

However, with the new era of Internet, the whole market changed. Why? Because now, with all new social networks, it’s possible to follow a less unknown artist from the other side of the planet; an artist that might not be sponsored and/or endorsed by a big corporate such those historic brands have become. 

In the mean time, it allows us to discover new guitar and/or amp brands — smaller brands that might not spend millions dollars in marketing and ads, or in contracts to endorse some famous guitarists. Instead to add this kind of cost to the product prices, some companies choose a more direct approach by using the power of internet and new media for communication, and therefore sell their products are more affordable prices. One of them is Diamond.

Diamond amps hit the market about 10 years ago and it didn’t take long to see them on stage. From bands like Five Finger Death Lunch to Godsmack – Diamond Amps were an instant hit. Why you ask? Because they were of the highest quality, with tone that is hard to find in other amps.

With that said – Diamond Amps did launch an imported series in the past to offer that crushing tone at a more affordable price but they were limited in numbers.  

This year – for 2019, Diamond is re-releasing the highly sought after F4 in addition to a new line of affordable tube amps.  This line is called the Apex Series.  And in effort for diamond to cater to all players – they are introducing a solid state line called the Vmax series.  

It’s nice to see Diamond back in the mix with new and exciting product so stay tuned as we learn more on the new lineup.

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