Wah Wah Pedal Shoot-Out – TTK Style!

Boys & Girls – Welcome back!  This post is in response to a video I cut, which was a ‘blind’ shoot-out sound test against 4 different Wah Pedals.  In case you didn’t see the video … you can watch it right here first.  Then, scroll down to see which is which.  Let your ears decide, before you scroll down.

Now … which is which.  Drum Roll Please …

Pedal #1 : Dunlop Original Crybaby Rocker : GCB-95

This pedal is a no frills wah wah pedal.  About as straight forward as they come.  This does have a potentiometer, which means there are moving parts, and will also need some contact cleaner maintenance over time.  No status LEDs, meaning you don’t know if it’s on or off.   Street Price is about $70 bucks.

 crybaby front

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Pedal #2 : Morley Pro Series II

This is a pretty cool pedal.  Has more features than the Dunlop.  What I like about this, is that if you want some extra bite, it has a built in distortion circuit, and also doubles as a volume pedal.  Also has easy to see status LEDs so you know what features are on / off.  Street Price is about $120 big ones.

morley pro series 2


Pedal #3 : Vox Wah V847

This is the Vox equivalent of the Dunlop.  Bare bones wah pedal.  This pedal does not have a jack for a power supply, which sucks.  I wish it did.  (BTW – That is why the back is removed).  This means it will always require a battery, or will require a special 9v adapter battery adapter to run with a pedal power unit.  No status LEDs.  Street is approximately $90.

vox wah full


Pedal #4 : Behringer Hellbabe Wah

This one here has optical control (versus potentiometer), and has the same feature set as the Dunlop Crybaby from Hell pedal.  Wah range, built in gain circuit and volume boost, w/ easy to read LEDs so you can see in the dark.  Street price is approx $40 buck-a-roos.  You can check out the full Behringer Cross Comparison Chart here: https://thetoneking.com/behringer-stomp-box-cross-comparison-chart/

behringer 2


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