Turning the Page On Guitar Education – Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Limit Your Learning to The Online World

About four hundred bucks, give or take.

That’s what this writer estimates the total amount of all the guitar instructional books that he can find in his domicile to be. I’ve got about twenty, and I’m not even counting the various magazines I’ve bought used that often refer back to specific lessons I wanted to dive into. I’ve even got a couple on my computer and one on my Kindle (not sure what I was thinking there).

Not only that, but they’re all over the place, reflecting a whim or an obsession I had at one point in time. One is a bunch of esoteric scales with no text or guidance at all outside of a brief introduction. I’m pretty sure it’s meant for jazz. Another is a ton of words but little in the way of actual music. Then, there’s practically everything in between.

Now, I’d be hard-pressed to give up my unique musical library. I’d even have a hard time letting go of some of the books I haven’t cracked in years. But it would certainly be a lot more convenient (and cheaper!) if I had had all of these bits and bobs of musical information condensed into one volume.

Enter the fantastic Guitar Solo book. Guitar Solo is a comprehensive book that can ride right along with you throughout your entire musical journey. No matter what your style or goal, Guitar Solo puts everything you’ll need to advance your playing right at your fingertips.

OK, you’re probably thinking, “Ah yes, I’ll give up the zillions of hours worth of resources available for free on that little thing called the internet for a book. That makes a lot of sense…………NOT AT ALL.” No, we here at TheToneKing.com are not advocating that whatsoever. What we do advocate is the use of any and all resources to help you play and sound better! And below are five reasons why Guitar Solo deserves a place on your bookshelf.

1) It’s Organized

You can easily pinpoint the lessons tailored to the level or your playing. Or the level of playing you’re hoping to achieve. Or the fundamentals that it’s worth reviewing time after time.There’s no need to comb dozens of search engine results or hassle with a bunch of different books.

2) It’s Easy To Navigate

Whether your highly disciplined or impulsive, Guitar Solo makes it easy to tap into the inspiration of the moment. Maybe it’s modes. Maybe it’s chords. Maybe it’s key signatures. Need to go back to fundamentals? Want to jump ahead just for fun? It’s easy to move around.

3) You Can Take It Anywhere

No WIFI signal? No charger? No problem. It’s a book! Remember those?

4) You’ll Always Have it

In addition to never needing an internet connection or an active account (like you might need with many online learning portals), the Guitar Solo book and all its information is accessible to you for as long as it’s in your library (which we’re confident will be a long time).

5) Fewer Distractions

This one is of particular relevance to me, though I’m sure I have a few brothers and sisters who are similarly afflicted with “shiny object” syndrome. I find I have an easier time maintaining my focus when it comes to books. One of my issues is that, when I’m working on an online lesson, I’ll notice something else; maybe a pedal, an amp, even a mention of a particular. Now I’m down the rabbit hole and my attention has turned away from my lesson.

Allow this writer to footstomp that we here at TheToneKing.com are not advocating you get all Luddite on us and unplug for good! What we are advocating is that you take control of your development using any and all means possible. Guitar Solo is a great, comprehensive tool for doing just that.

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