The Power Buffet – RockBoard’s New Power Ace 25 Makes Sure Your Hungry Pedals Are Well-Fed

Let’s pretend for a moment that your pedalboard is a fabulous Las Vegas buffet restaurant. Your power supply* is the buffet itself, and your pedals are the hungry customers, ready to feast. The amount of “grub” in our power supply buffet is represented in milliamperes, or “mA.” The more mA in our power supply, the more pedal “customers” our power supply can reliably feed, and the better our buffet’s Yelp reviews will be.


Ok, I’m taking the restaurant thing too literally. Though wouldn’t be it hilariously weird if someone started rating pedalboards on Yelp? Just throwing that out there, lovely readers. Do what you will. Moving on….


Once again, RockBoard comes to the rescue with the Power Ace 25, a high-current DC power adaptor that can dish out up to 2,500 mA to keep your especially power-hungry effects units at peak functionality. The Power Ace 25 is a lean, mean high-current power supply that costs little more than a couple packs of guitar strings, making it easy to buy it exactly what you need. If you’re the globetrotting type, it will even automatically adjust itself between 100 and 240 volts and includes multi-regional plug adapters, something many big name power brokers don’t even do.


A Power Supply That Can Dish It Out


Just as power supplies are not created equal, pedals and their power needs can vary widely.


The analog pedals on your board are the light eaters. They often don’t require massive amounts of mA to get things going and any good quality power supply will feed them without an issue. Indeed, many analog fuzzes draw so little current they can run on a single nine-volt battery for long periods of time.


Then you’ll have your standard tried-and-true, nothing fancy but still well-respected batch of pedals. Think Boss, MXR, Digitech, and DOD. The classics. They’re probably going to make a few runs at the buffet before all is said and done. A battery might be fine for a little bit, but we all know they really want graze. Your standard power supply will handle these pedals with relative aplomb as well.


It’s really those digital units with high-powered processors you’ve gotta watch out for. Those lush reverbs, angelic pitch effects, and crisp modelers often need lots of mA to keep themselves in the fight. And builders like Eventide, Strymon, and our great friends at Line 6 are building amazing units around these hungry, hungry “chip-ohs” (ugh, that’s terrible. I really do apologize).


It these heavyweights that require a bit more planning than the others. Some pedalboard power supplies just aren’t capable of pumping enough power to keep these big guys running. Others may provide one or two high current hook-ups out of several inserts. Some high-current pedal makers offer their own proprietary power supplies powerful enough to keep the lights on, but these often cost as much as a regular power supply and take up additional space. That’s what makes the Power Ace 25 a strong value proposition for anyone running even a single high-current pedal in their rig. The Power Ace 25 will keep your high-current pedals (and your wallet) fat and happy.


*Yes, some folks (including the very noteworthy John 5) don’t use a power supply. Just roll with us.

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