The God of Mods – Dennis Kager

The God of Mods: The Tone King Gives a Shout to Dennis Kager

 Marc Johnson for The Tone King

Without the support of some, would not be doing as well as it is today, and Dennis Kager has been one of our biggest supporters. For followers of TTK, you will recognize Dennis’ handiwork from our vid “TTK’s Modded JCA20H”, where we demoed the Jet City amp modded by Dennis to include a boost as well as an effects loop.

The thing that sets Dennis apart from a lot of the other Amp techs is that he is a player, and it shows in his work. Every one of his mods doesn’t try to change the character of the amp but, instead, emphasizes its best features.

After getting his education at Middlesex County Electronics School, he went straight to work for Ampeg in ’64. While he was working at Ampeg designing amps, he was working hard at night out of his home repairing them. It wasn’t long before every band passing through the Jersey area was banging down his door for repairs and modifications, and it wasn’t long after that that, with so much work, he had to leave Ampeg to do his own thing.

Calling his company Dennis Electronics, his company soon became the New York service center for both Fender and Gibson. While working on amps for big names from The Police to The Allman Brothers, Dennis still somehow found time to create the first ‘discreet’ channel-switching amp, which included two completely separate channels instead of just stacking gain on top of the clean channel. Later, he sold his line of amps and set up shop at Lou Rose Music where he has been working on amps ever since.

Any real player will tell you that nothing sounds better than a modded amp done by someone who knows what they’re doing. Dennis Kager not only knows what he is doing, but he is one of the best in the biz. His is still the go-to guy, and, when other guys can’t get the job done, they send it to him. Dennis is always open to special projects. So, if you want a killer mod done to your amp, give him a call, and don’t forget to tell him that The Tone King sent you!

Dennis Kager

Central Jersey Music Service

1627 Rt-27, Edison, NJ 08817

(732) 572-1911

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