Step Away From the Turtlenecks…Some More Last Minute Gift Ideas For the Guitar Player in Your Life

Step Away From the Turtlenecks…


Some More Last Minute Gift Ideas For the Guitar Player in Your Life



By some estimates, there are approximately 50 million guitar players inhabiting the Earth.  So chances are pretty good that you know one. Or, if you’re a regular visitor, are one.  That means your holiday shopping or wish list likely has some guitar-oriented items represented.

In addition to the killer stocking stuffers TTK told us about here are some ideas to sweeten the “case candy” haul that came with that new guitar or help you further round out some of that last minute shopping.  And if you’re a guitar player that just knows that a handful of gift cards will be part of your holiday takings, this list will help you burn off some of those post-holiday funds.


nut_sauce1) Big Bends Nut Sauce


OK, calm down.  You don’t need to go to that shady store with the blacked-out windows on the other side of the railroad tracks (though we all know you’ve been there) to get this stuff.  This is high-quality, professional grade lubricant that does wonders for tuning stability by keeping nuts, bridges, and saddles from binding and sticking.  Though it seems a little pricey for the amount you get, a little bit goes a long way.  I’m still using the same vial I purchased over a year ago.  Now your guitar hero can stop getting pencil lead all over his prized instrument.


dunlop652) Dunlop 6500 System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit


Even if there’s not a brand-spanking new guit-box waiting under the tree, a little elbow grease can help infuse that nearly-new feeling into an old favorite.  There are lots of different options for guitar care out there, but we here at are big fans of Dunlop 65 care products.  And that leads us right to another guitar maintenance favorite….


3) Roadie Rag and Roadie Rag go way back .  Invented by a TTK regular , it’s definitely one of the most practical pieces of gear ever to hit the market.



PicStick4) Pic Stick


Another deliciously simple bit of kit that is making guitar player’s lives easier, the Pic Stick puts spare picks right on your guitar strap (instead of the washing machine, which is where mine seem to end up).  Slap one on that brand new Monkey Man guitar strap you bought per TTK’s advice and your guitar hero will never be caught empty-handed.


5) Orange guitar cables


In addition to making some seriously cool amps, Orange has added high-end guitar cabling to its bag of tricks.  Many new guitars at all price points often come with a free cable, but the high quality, oxygen-free copper wiring, Neutrik plugs, and bold, durable nylon shell sported by these cables is sure to relegate that free no-name cable to the Land of Misfit Gear.


BONUS SUGGESTION: Gift certificates for gear still rule, and many retailers can deliver gift certificates via email right away or on a date of your choosing.  One of our favorites, Sweetwater Sound, Inc., has a massive selection of all things musical, in addition to expert customer service.


Now, as desperate as you may be at this late hour, this is not the time to get creative.  Resist the urge to go “off-list” and get that Pocket Square of the Month club membership or that slightly-used purple velour bathrobe you saw on eBay.  Those gifts will probably earn you little more than a ferocious, violent reprisal from the intended recipient. If you’re still looking for ideas, this list and TTK’s stocking stuff suggestions should hit the spot.


Myself and the rest of crew hope you get everything you want this year and then some.  Thanks for making my first year on the staff a fun and memorable one!  Cheers!





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