Second to None – Analysis Plus Silver Oval Thin Pedalboard Kit Wins Gold

Second to None – The Analysis Plus Silver Oval Thin Pedalboard Kit Wins Gold When it Comes To Solderless Pedalboard Wiring


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Checking out the Analysis Plus Genesis Pure and Yellow Oval cables was not this writer’s last foray into the world of Analysis Plus.  Analysis Plus also kindly sent one of their Silver Oval Thin solderless pedalboard kits.


This was truly serendipitous, as I had been dealing with patch cable issues on my most well-traveled board, a Pedaltrain Mini carrying three basic stompboxes and a power supply.  This board gets around more than an airline beverage cart; it’s my grab-and-go whether I’m headed out to jam with friends or just to practice in a different part of Chateau Trushack.


What this means is that, much like everyone else toting a pedalboard, this writer needs rugged patch cables that don’t take up a lot of room and sound great.  But what’s on there right now is a mish-mash of cheap-o generics and fairly nice ones, both solderless and soldered.


<<watch installation video below, or click here>>


Having dealt with a range of solderless cable kits, each with different methods of assembly, it felt quite prepared to evaluate how the Analysis Plus Silver Oval Thins would come together.   In fact, I documented the procedure here.


Solderless patch cable assembly is pretty straightforward in most cases, and the Silver Oval Thin stays true to the formula.  Simply trim the cable to the desired length, remove a little bit of the clear tubing at the end with a wire stripper or razor blade, push the end of the cable into the plug, secure with the set screw with the handy screwdriver that’s included, and voila! patch cable.  However, with the Silver Oval Thin I found that it was a lot easier to tell when a solid connection was being made internally.  I could easily feel the internal pin and the cable connecting, whereas other patch cables were a bit more of a guessing game.


When it comes to versatility, however, the Silver Oval Thin pedalboard kit is miles away from standard.  There is no cap to unscrew from the plug, and the plug is crafted to allow for straight and angled cable terminations on the fly.  No need to disassemble the patch cable if your needs change; just reshape the point where the cable terminates into the plug depending on your needs.  Super cool!


All those features are laudable, but we know Analysis Plus truly stands out when it comes to sound, and these cables easily cry the tonal torch.  Even soldered patch cables can leech tone and reduce signal integrity, but the Silver Oval Thin pedalboard kit moves all your tones seamlessly and clearly through even the largest boards.  And they look sharp, which is also important.  Plus, I’m pretty sure it took me longer to open the packaging than it did to make one patch cable from this kit.


If your pedalboard connections are a weak link in your signal chain, the Analysis Plus Silver Oval Thin will get that issue sorted.  This writer highly recommends them – check them out!


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