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Dialing In Your Tone with special guest MIKE SOLDANO!

So you have all the gear – what do you do with it? How do you go about getting the perfect tone?

We’ll talk about Tips, Tricks, etc.

We’ll show you the relationship between VOLUME & GAIN, Treble & Presence. We’ll also address where mids are most appropriate!

Since we’ll have the godfather of the Modern high Gain Amp on the line – let’s find out the differences between a quality made amp and an economy made amp – and how it affects your overall tone! Learn about the components that affect your tone!

We’ll also cover choice of effects, and the amt of effects you should use. Are you using too many? Find out!

We’ll also cover Digital vs. Analog, A to D, to A conversion and how it affects your guitar / amp tone. Let’s see if you’re making any mistakes!

Satellite issues include : Guitar Pickup Height, Tubes vs. Speakers, etc.

Mike Soldano is not only an amp guru – he’s also a gigging musician, so JOIN US in on how you can dial in the perfect tone!

See you there – ROCK ON!

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