High Five For Field Recorders – TASCAM Makes It Easy to Take Sophisticated Recording Technology On the Road

This year, we here at TheToneKing.com have been taking a look at all the cool capabilities TASCAM is putting in the hands of creators. Even with the massive number of “in-the-box” studio options out there, products like TASCAM’s Model Series Workstations are giving creators the best of both worlds, joining the flexibility and power of software-based DAWs with the immediacy and intuitiveness of old school production hardware.


But what about those of us who are often working outside the walls of a home or pro studio? Those of us who don’t do some (or maybe even all) of our work plugged into an interface off in the corner of a house or apartment? Some who want to enhance video creations, or simply catch creativity as it happens wherever we happen to be? As a leader in recording technology and production, TASCAM naturally has those folks covered with an extensive line of pro-quality field recording systems. Even if you’re fully kitted out on a Mac or PC, we’ll show you five reasons why it pays to have a TASCAM field recorder in your gear locker.


  1. Save Your Phone For What It Was Intended to Do

Like checking your Fantasy Football scores, taking pictures of the burrito you’re eating, butt-dialing your ex and getting directions to the go-kart track.


Oh, and making regular phone calls.


Seriously though, plenty of phones out there record audio just fine. But picking up a quality field recorder from TASCAM makes much more sense in the long run. It’s much easier to record in stereo, you’ll have far more connection and audio resolution options and likely far better and more reliable storage. Plus, handheld recorders are typically way cheaper than the most desirable smartphones.


  1. Catching Lightning in a Bottle

While your humble author is not a prolific recording artist by any stretch, I’ve done more than my fair share. If I had to guess what piece of hardware I’ve done most of my recording on, I would bet good money that the winner is a easily a TASCAM DR-05 handheld recorder, now discontinued but living on as the DR-05X. In my band’s little practice space and for live gigging, this is the go-to. It fires up and records inside of five seconds and file organization is pretty much automatic. Our drummer (whose basement is our practice space) records every practice and often sends us an email the next day with audio files for specific parts, highlighting cool things and giving us excellent prep material. We’ve even taken gigs recorded on the DR-05 and released them publicly; the sound quality is amazing. I also use my personal model frequently as an audio sketch pad. Given that a DR-05X costs less than most run-of-the-mill effects pedals out there, it makes all the sense in the world for anyone to have at their disposal.

  1. Tap into the Inspiration of the Outside World

As easy and convenient as software-based recording has gotten, it’s not necessarily practical to drag a laptop out to your favorite scenic overlook and let the mountain views co-write your next big TikTok ballad.


We’ve already talked about the coolness of the DR-05X, but that model is just the start of the fun in the DR handheld line. The rest of the DR series features another super-powerful handheld model, the DR-40X. The DR-40X cranks up the capability with four-track recording, high-quality positionable condenser mics and expanded connection options, punch-in capability for targeted re-takes and available phantom power. You’ll also get 17 and a half hours of battery power 192 hours of recording time with a 128 GB SDXC memory card recording a two-channel WAV file at 44.1kHz and 16 bits, allowing plenty of time and storage to let the creativity flow.

  1. Upgrade Your Video Game

No, not Super Mario Brothers, but your video production game.


Even if you’re not a pro videographer having a solid field recorder like the TASCAM …. will pay exceptional dividends. So many of us are harnessing the power of video streaming through services like YouTube, and the competition for views is fierce.


Production quality is one surefire way streamers can put some distance between themselves and the rest of the pack, and adding a field recorder to your video set-up is a no-brainer. For instance, the multi-track capabilities of the TASCAM DR-60DMKII, made to pair seamlessly with a DSLR camera, provides up four tracks and four inputs; two 1/8 for lavalier applications, and two XLR with phantom power available, powered by with high-quality HDDA preamps.


What makes the DR-60DMKII especially cool for video work is the Camera Output feature, which sends its mix to the camera. This helps make audio/video synchronization easier during editing and final production. Likewise, the DR-60DMKII has a camera input for monitoring and is footswitch/remote capable, all adding up to a field recorder that puts video creators in total control of their production.

  1. Complement (Not Replace) Your Home Studio Setup


By now you’re certainly sold on the benefits of bringing a TASCAM field recorder into your life, but this writer is certain that many of you are probably thinking, “yes, this all sounds great…but I’ve invested a lot already in a home setup.”


Well, this is another sound investment you can make. While TASCAM’s field recorders are exceptionally capable as stand-alone units, the brains at TASCAM also understand that they can add quite a lot of horsepower to a home studio set-up. The majority of TASCAM handheld and field recorders have XLR inputs with phantom power capability, meaning you can take your favorite, familiar studio mics out into the field.


Of course, they also connect quickly and easily to a desktop or laptop via USB. In this way, TASCAM field recorders are more an extension of your larger studio set-up, rather than something separate.


The world of field recording is exceptionally big. It could be something as simple as recording a solo guitar piece sitting in the bed of a pickup truck to executing a full-fledged professional video/music production. Different creators are going to naturally pursue different paths and find different solutions that support their intentions the best. Naturally, TASCAM has every artist and their intentions covered.

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