For my fellow Irish Rockers … Wanna know how St. Patrick’s Day become so popular? Here’s how …

No one can miss the green hues spread across the world on 17th March, but here’s the real reason why the festival gained global popularity.

The 17th of March every year showcases the pride and rich culture of the Irish. From massive parades to leprechaun visitation tales, to the dark and delicious Guinness, St. Patrick’s Day has it all when it comes to a rocking festival. But what mystifies people globally the most, is how did one of Ireland’s religious apostles become an icon for the Irish culture and descendants globally?

Well, let’s learn about Saint Patrick. He was born during the late 4th century to Romano-British parents. But his life took a turn as he was kidnapped and forced into slavery at 16. But he somehow managed to escape. Soon he came back to Ireland to spread the religion of Christianity and with his shamrocks performed miracles.

The noble saint passed away on 17th March 461 A.D. But he left behind a legacy and became a vital cultural fragment of the Irish Diaspora. But the first parade held honouring him wasn’t until 1601 and surprisingly in Florida, USA not Ireland. Later during the 1630s St. Patrick’s day officially marked itself as a celebration in the Catholic Calendar and the first official celebration was held in New York City in 1762!

The story behind St. Patrick’s day

During the 17th Century, The US served as a popular settlement for the Irish descendants, so it was no surprise that some Irish soldiers who were homesick for their country organised a parade to celebrate Saint Patrick and their nation as a whole! Roughly 32 million Americans were of Irish descendence according to the 2019 census. Soon this festival spread like wildfire globally and is now a rage amongst the Irish descendants and Christians too!

Apart from the green theme and shamrocks, Chicago releases 50lbs of green dye into the Chicago River to give it a green lustre! Alcohol, especially Guinness is fondly caroused but several years back in Ireland alcohol consumption was prohibited on this day from 1927 to 1961. Since the festival takes place during lent, most alcohol restrictions are withdrawn on this day. Only in the US, an average of 13 million pints of Guinness is consumed on this day!

Nearly 500,000 vacationers arrive in Dublin to witness the annual St. Patrick’s celebration. The whole 5-day long festival shockingly costs €74m! But the hues of Saint Patrick’s has spread to Eastern nations like Singapore, India and Japan, as well! These nations light up their monuments, organise fairs and parties to celebrate the richness of the Irish culture!

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on globally, the celebrations were quite different with lesser numbers of people and parades but it nevertheless diminishes the significance and existence of this festival, especially for the Irish citizens and their rich diaspora!

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