FFDP Tech Lee Hollister on Floyd Upgrades (Five Finger Death Punch Trespass America)

Little things AWESOME techs do to make things better! All in the name of TONE!

Special thanks to Lee for being so accommodating during the whole show. Truly a cool dude! Thanks Lee!

Some links for your viewing pleasure :

TTK Behind the Scenes:

Photo Album of the Tour:

Lee Interviews from 2010:

– THE MACHINE GUNS: https://thetoneking.com/?p=13073
– DESERT EAGLE MIC STAND: https://thetoneking.com/?p=13075
– BACKSTAGE JOBS: https://thetoneking.com/?p=13080
– STAGE MANAGER: https://thetoneking.com/?p=13078

Floyd Rose Upgrades: http://floydupgrades.com/

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