Eminence Launches the Custom Shop for Guitarists

eminenceEminence Launches the Custom Shop for End Users

Eminence, KY – Eminence has greatly expanded their custom design capabilities to include modifying stock models for end users.

With over 170 unique pro audio and musical instrument loudspeaker and compression driver models in stock, Eminence has a solution for virtually any audio application. That said, occasionally a stock model with ideal performance parameters is not offered in the impedance needed for the job. That’s where the Eminence Custom Shop comes in.

“We have one of the widest product offerings in the industry.” said Jerry McNutt, Eminence Product Design Manager. “But it’s  not always practical to stock every model in multiple impedances. We’ve introduced the Custom Shop to help our end users get exactly what they need for their situation.”

Subject to parts availability, Eminence can create alternate impedance versions of existing stock models, and can even revive an older discontinued model.

“Recently we had a guitar player call and tell us his go-to speaker has always been our Legend GB128.” said Anthony Lucas, Design Engineer. “But he had just acquired a 2×12 cabinet and was dismayed to learn we don’t offer a 16 ohm version of that speaker. In the past I would have tried to guide him to a different speaker, but as a guitar player myself, I know the tone I’m most happy with. We expect the Custom Shop will be a great resource for our loyal customers. If we have the necessary parts on hand, we’ll go out of our way to get you what you need.”

Once only available to in-demand session and touring guitar players, Eminence is now offering a guitar speaker break-in service through the Custom Shop. Most guitar players know a new guitar speaker takes some playing time to fully break in. The soft parts of a speaker will eventually loosen up slightly, which results in the tone becoming even sweeter. “It all started with helping out our A-list artists in Nashville.” said Lucas. “I guess the word spread. We get a lot of calls for it, so I think this is going to be something a lot of players will take advantage of.”

Learn more about the Eminence Custom Shop at www.eminence.com/custom-shop/

Eminence Speaker LLC has specialized in the custom manufacturing of loudspeakers for the world’s most recognized professional audio and musical instrument brands since 1966. The company also offers its own Eminence brand of upgrade and replacement loudspeakers for professional audio and musical instrument applications through distribution networks in over 80 countries worldwide. The company has manufacturing operations in Eminence, KY and Dongguan, China. Most recently, Eminence added an enclosure manufacturing operation at its Dongguan location to provide its OEM customers with turnkey professional audio systems, musical instrument amplifiers, and related products. More information about the company can be found on its website at www.eminence.com

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