Don’t Be Afraid Of No Ghost: Experience Fearsome Tone With V-Pick’s Ghost Rim

We here at have recently followed the lead of supercool players and all-around good guys Robert Baker and Davy Blue and added V-Picks to our accessory stables. It was Mr. Blue himself that introduced us to the man behind the mythic pick, Vinni, at this past Summer NAMM in Nashville, Tenn. There, Vinni showed nearly all of the numerous V-Pick models for everyone from country-fried chicken pickers and gypsy jazzers to extreme shredders and straight up rockers.

Your humble writer took home a couple of V-Picks and was impressed with them from the start. A new V-Pick convert, I decided to check out some other V-Pick types at, and wanted to tell community about another cool V-Pick that has won my heart: the Ghost Rim.
The Ghost Rim isn’t an actual model per se, but a feature available on several different V-Pick types including my current favorite, the V-Pick Tradition Lite, the edges of the pick are ground to generate what I think of as a “soft focus attack” that still has a nice, solid pop to it. I immediately dug the way it warmed up my electric clean tones and even added little bit of light crunch when I dug into chords and notes. Overdriven tones, to my ears, had a nice, subtle sizzle added to them that I found I could dial in and out by the way I held the V-Pick.

If you’re a bit “old school” and have put off trying out some of the cool and innovative stuff that the folks at V-Picks are turning out, the Ghost Rim is a great way to get your feet wet. Or, if you already dig V-Picks like we do and want to keep the same great durability, grip, and control while trying something unique, many V-Pick models are available with the Ghost Rim option.




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