Dave Weiner : Backstage Interview : Steve Vai Tour 2012 : Over 40+ Minutes of Gear Chat !!!

FULL INDEX BELOW: READ ME! ~ Over 40 minutes of Gear Porn! Meet Dave Weiner. SMART dude, AMAZING player, HELLUVA nice guy!! Much, Much thanks or making the time!

In Detail … below is what we covered. And, just to note … I put an index, to help you fully understand how much ground we covered — not necessarily to fast forward. IF YOU LOVE GEAR, and have aspirations of doing things with your musical career … you should watch the full interview!

Index is as follows:
– Intro 00:10
– PRS Guitars 05:17
– Amps & Effects 16:32
– Outro 33:04
– Sound Sample from his new CD (A Collection of Short Stories) 39:45

Intro Topics:
– DW on YouTube
– DW on Riff of the Week
– DW on Shoot-outs
– DW on Maxon
– DW on how to shop for gear! Use your ears!

Amps & Effects Topics:
– Dave Friedman BE100
– PRS 2 Channel H

In the rack:
– axe fxII
– rjm rack gizmo
– wampler, tube screamer, RC Booster
– way huge pork loin overdrive
– zen drive
– Maxon Vintage Overdrive Pro VOP9
– RC Booster
– Wampler Ego Compressor
– EP Booster
– Keeley Reissue TS
– G-Lab Power
– JH Audio In Ear Monitors

Pedalboard (on the floor, front of stage):
– Bradshaw RS10 Custom Audio Electronics
– Mission Engineering Wah Pedal
– Ernie Ball Volume Pedal VP Jr.
– Peterson Stomp Classic Strobe Tuners
– Maxon CP9 Pro Plus Compressor
– Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb
– Lava Cable
– Red Bear & Blue Chip Guitar Picks

Outro Topics:
– Visible @ Night (Trio in Philly)
– Improv
– Steve Vai Band
– Dave Weiner Solo Band – Collection of Short Stories
– Buy here: http://www.daveweiner.com/store/
– 2 solo electrics records out
– Available on iTunes, CDBaby, etc.
– private web cam lessons
– riff of the week
– visible @ night – fusion in Philly
– online session work

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