Backstage w/ CJ Pierce Guitarist 4 Drowning Pool Kustom Coupe Digitech GSP1101 Vox Big Bad Wah

Boys & Girls, here’s a good look at CJ’s live rig, specifically his amps, cabinets and pedalboard. One very cool thing that I learned from CJ, that I thought was brilliant .. was running DI to the board for live set-ups ,and using the cabinets for stage volume / monitors. We here at have talked about this sort of thing all the time (best way to mic things up), and this is a method I never considered in the past … so special thanks to CJ Pierce for his time, the interview, and the tips & tricks he shares with us in this video.

Music used with permissions
Song 1 – Over My Head : by Drowning Pool
Song 2 – Feel Like I Do : by Drowning Pool

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