Across The Pond and Back: How Eminence Speakers Can Broaden Your Tonal Horizons

legend-em12-size225In the massive debating society that is the guitar-based internet, nearly every aspect of an electric guitarists signal chain is scrutinized.

The humble amplifier speaker seems to receive relatively less attention when it comes to the electric guitarist’s tendency for perpetual tonal tweaking.  Part of it comes down to practicality.  It’s a lot easier to drop a couple of bucks on a different set of strings or a different type of pick.  A pedal can usually be swapped in and out of a signal chain in less than a minute, and players don’t mind (indeed, they probably love) having a stash of pedals to choose from when inspiration strikes.  Even a pickup swap is typically a relatively modest investment of time and money, if you’re handy with a soldering iron.

While a speaker swap is a bit more involved (do you have the right impedance for your amp? do you have a closed-back cabinet with a ton of screws to take out and then put back in?) it’s easier than you think and the tonal rewards are well worth the effort.  Whether you’re freshening up a tired cabinet or looking to change up the tonal response of your amplifier, Eminence has you covered with a myriad of options.

Eminence has been in the speaker business for nearly 50 years, so they know a thing or two about helping guitarists and bassists find the right speaker for their needs.  Jump on to the Eminence website, and with one click you can explore one of four guitar speaker lines offered by Eminence; the Signature, Patriot, Redcoat, and Legend series.

news_reignmakerAs you certainly know, speakers (and amps themselves) are often grouped into two tonal categories: “British”, generally defined by it’s crunchy, punchy midrange emphasis, and “American”,  which typically offers tight, well-defined highs and lows with a bit more “sweetness” in the mids.  Eminence offers over 25 different speaker models to choose from in it’s American-styled Patriot and British-inspired Redcoat series, including the revolutionary Maverick and Reignmaker models that feature integrated attenuation; you can dial in the amount of power you need right on the back of the speaker!

If you’re looking for a break from the typical, Eminence also has your back with it’s Signature and Legend series.  With the Signature series, you can tap into the tonal design genius of renowned amp builder George Alessandro and Eric Johnson, whose intricate tonal instincts are legendary.  The EJ-1240 is Johnson’s vintage-inspired signature Eminence Alnico speaker, while Alessandro ups the ceramic magnet game with his GA-SC64 line.  A new addition to the signature series Tomo Fujita TF-1250.  The TF-1250 is also vintage inspired, with a lower sensitivity rating to help get your amp’s tubes cooking without shaking the drywall into dust.

Finally, the Legend series offers those who want to achieve fantastic tone at an excellent value.  These are meat-‘n-potatoes, bread-‘n-butter speakers that can carry any style of music with authority.  The Legend series harkens back to the OEM designs that put Eminence on the map as a speaker manufacturer, and have helped deliver scads of classic tones.  You may even own an amp that has a bit of the ol’ Legend DNA in it.

All of the speakers Eminence makes can be compared quickly and easily at Eminence’s website.  Those tone obsessives wishing to drill down even further get at-a-glance list of all the important technical information, like power rating and sensitivity.  You’ll remember that we mentioned sensitivity when discussing the new Eminence TF-1250.  I won’t don my professor’s robe here; Professor Google can help you out with the particulars.  Simply put, the higher the Decibel (db) rating, the louder the speaker will sound relative to it’s power rating.  It’s very important but seemingly underrated information.  And Eminence makes it easy to research sensitivity ratings and other important details of several different speaker models all at once, quickly and easily.

Of course, The Tone King has been firing riffs and licks through Eminence speakers for years.  From shootouts to installs to NAMM coverage  the quality, value, and, most importantly, tone  of Eminence speakers has never failed to impress us.  If you’ve experienced Eminence tone first-hand, you already know what we’re talking about.  And if you haven’t, there’s no time like the present.

Lastly – if you’d like a sneak peak into Eminence, enjoy this quick Factory Tour video:

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    Across The Pond and Back: How Eminence Speakers Can Broaden Your Tonal Horizons : The Tone King

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    Across The Pond and Back: How Eminence Speakers Can Broaden Your Tonal Horizons : The Tone King

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    Across The Pond and Back: How Eminence Speakers Can Broaden Your Tonal Horizons : The Tone King

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    Across The Pond and Back: How Eminence Speakers Can Broaden Your Tonal Horizons : The Tone King

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    Across The Pond and Back: How Eminence Speakers Can Broaden Your Tonal Horizons : The Tone King |

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