30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015: VFE Yodeler and Springboard Reverb


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I’ve got good ‘Verberations.

Wait…if TTK does two pedals on one day, does that make 31 Pedals in 30 Days? And what if one of them is really two effects in one?

OK, let’s not get distracted here, we’ve got two cool pedals to look at in TheToneKing.com‘s Day 9 installment of 3P3D; we can work on the math later.  Right now, we’ve got two cool new pedals from Puyallup, Washington’s (the site of the Washington State Fair) VFE Pedals.


IMG_7286First up is the Yodeler.  The Yodeler might best be described as an “atmosphere” pedal.  It’s not solely a delay or a reverb but both, and the two effects can be combined in a slew of unique and interesting ways.  The main controls on the pedal provide straight-up, no frills control of the pedal’s lush and tuneful, analog-voiced repeats.  But the Yodeler throws in a very cool, complementary twist; a fully tweakable reverb that can be used independently of the delay effect or, via internal switching, in series with the delay (effects the repeats) or in parallel with the delay (effects the dry signal only).  The reverb is adjusted via level control, marked “Verb”, and Hi and Lo Damp controls govern the decay length of the brighter and darker voiced reverb trails respectively, a handy way of giving your reverb trails movement and character.

That is a powerful setup; the player gets a tone of control over both effects that you don’t typically find in a standard reverb or delay pedal.  Running the reverb in series with the delay can add a nice bit of “air” around the repeats, or run the reverb in parallel with a sprinkling of echo to add some interest and depth to a straight reverb sound.

IMG_7287VFE also sent over their very cool Springboard reverb pedal to TheToneKing.com for 3P3D.  The Springboard is also unique for it’s breed, in that it does not use the typical digital signal processing to create it’s surf-y, spring-like tones.  The Springboard employs a Belton BTDR-3H reverb “brick”, which VFE describes as “…a patented network of delays with interwoven feedback paths that creates it’s own reverb category.”

The Springboard’s control set is quite expansive for such a compact pedal.  Like the Yodeler, the Springboard features Hi and Lo Damp controls, and combined with the bass and treble controls players can easily dial up sounds reminiscent of the short, bright reflections generated by tiled rooms, wash-y springs, deep halls, or strong, full-bodied plates.  But the Springboard’s unique BTDR-3H “brick” and VFE’s clever engineering give the sounds a unique character that set them apart from the pack.

Both VFE pedals are true bypass, with very cool TrueSoft and DualMode (which enables momentary switching) switches.  VFE pedals also feature 100% analog dry signal paths that preserve your tone and circuit boards made in the good ol’ U.S.A.

With VFE, it’s the attention to detail – the little things – that continually set them apart from the pack.  VFE takes a smart approach to things players sometimes take for granted, like how their effects are engaged and how the signal is handled when they’re not engaged.    That means that from top to bottom, VFE pedals like the Yodeler and Springboard pedals are engineered to give the player exacting control over their tones.




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