30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015: Randall BloQ Dynamic Gate and RRED FET Distortion




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Randall. The name says it all. Although mostly known for putting out some killer amps­—one of which they’re giving away for 30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015—many players have taken notices of their pedal line. When it comes to pedals, they keep it short and sweet. That’s why when they come out with a pedal, it’s definitely something special. For this year’s 30P30D, TheToneKing.com had a chance to check out Randall’s BloQ Dynamic Gate and RRED FET Distortion.

Rockers love high gain cranked out at high volume. A dangerous combination. Without a gate, moments of rest sound like you just stuck your head into the business end of a jet engine. And that’s if you’re lucky. Otherwise there’s so much feedback that you’ll probably kill half of your audience, and whoever’s left will probably just leave. That’s why every rocker needs a gate in their rig.


Enter the new kid on the BloQ. (Don’t applaud yet. I’m just getting started.) Randall’s BloQ is a dynamic noise gate pedal with threshold control and true bypass. But a gate just makes everything quiet, right? So, how do you improve on silence? Randall found a way. With an input sensitivity selector switch, players can choose if the pedal is in the “front-end” of their amp or part of the “loop”—which is something that we haven’t seen before. So, if your gain is driven by a distortion pedal or whatever else is on your pedalboard, then you’re covered. If you get your gain out of your amp, then you can throw this pedal into your loop. You put the BloQ after the noise. Sometimes it pays to be a BloQ head (You may applaud now).



Then, we were seeing RRED (These are the jokes, folks!)

We’ve played more than our fair share of pedals based off of a FET circuit design, and when you find a good one, you stick with it. Randall’s RRED is based off of Randall’s own brutal amp—the RG80 100ES. This pedal probably has more gain than nearly any FET circuit that we’ve ever played. High gain, brutal tone, and freaking tight—the RRED gives has that FET tone but is dynamic enough to get players just about any distortion sound that they could be looking for. With a gain, volume, and 3-band EQ controls, the RRED is also hella-versatile.

Did we mention how tight this pedal is? Tone King even dropped the volume on his guitar to give you an idea on how tight this thing stays, even at low volumes.

Amps? Check. Pedals? Check. You get the sense that if Randall wanted to start building rocket ships that they would have that shit covered too. They definitely have the skills to pay the bills. With the BloQ Dynamic Gate and the RRED FET Distortion, they have yet again brought their A game to TheToneKing.com’s 30 Pedals in 30 Days.



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