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Cliff-cliff-burton-30366940-409-599Metallica’s Cliff Burton sadly and suddenly left this world just over 29 years ago, but what a legacy he gave us. His lead-oriented style of bass playing gave Metallica’s early work a unique, cutting edge among their metal brethren, and cemented Master of Puppets, Metallica’s commercial breakthrough album, as a landmark feat in the heavy metal genre.

It could be argued that the brain-grinding tone on “Anesthesia: Pulling Teeth”, from Metallica’s debut album Kill ‘Em All is where Burton’s first impression on the metal scene was most acutely made. Fuzz bass wasn’t untread ground, but nobody was doing it like Burton was doing it. And now, that incredible tone is back. Built in collaboration with Ray Burton, Cliff’s father, Morley has resurrected the classic effect that powered the sinister-yet-graceful lines of “Anesthesia”, the Cliff Burton Tribute Morley Power Fuzz Wah.

Modern features have been incorporated into the Cliff Burton tribute model to make it more practical for contemporary players and setups. Let’s face it; sometime a completely faithful reissue of something just doesn’t it cut it in modern times. The original Power Fuzz Wah that Burton used was huge (though very cool-looking) and AC-powered, meaning it had to be run off of a wall outlet. The tone, however, remains faithful to the original, and the highly-vocal wail is still generated via Morley’s famous electro-optical design for maximum reliability and noise-free operation. And once again, like many pedals we’ve seen during TheToneKing.com’s 3P3D, it puts multiple effects types in one unit. Fuzz and wah can be used independently or together, and the fuzz circuit is also switchable between mdoern and vintage sounds.

One may be forgiven immediately associating this pedal with electric bass guitar, but it was originally intended as a guitar pedal and works great with both instruments. Hell, you can even throw it on keyboards for some really aggressive, unique sounds. But here at TheToneKing.com, all of our hearts belong to the humble electric guitar and as TTK demonstrates, the Power Fuzz Wah’s gnarly, aggressive fuzz tone and banshee-like howl are irresistible. And the pedal just looks cool, too.
Take a look at footage or old photographs of Cliff Burton playing live; the dude always looked like he knew he had one of the greatest jobs in the world. Who knows what he would’ve done had he hadn’t been tragically lost. Morley’s Cliff Burton Tribute Power Fuzz Wah is a great reminder of Burton’s unique and joyful (but metal as hell, of course) approach to the bass guitar.



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