30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015: Mesa/Boogie Graphic EQ



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The first time I ever set eyes on a Mesa/Boogie guitar amp was when my guitar teacher used his for one of my lessons. Besides the tone, what really stuck out to me was the integrated five-band equalizer. I had never seen anything like that on a guitar amp (granted, I was only ten or eleven, so I hadn’t seen a whole lot of guitar amps period, but that front panel, five-band eq is still an iconic look).

Now, Mesa has taken this famous feature and dropped into a rugged, roll bar-adorned stompbox so that you can put a little Boogie into any rig. The Boogie Five-Band EQ was originally meant as way for the relatively diminutive 1×12 combos Randall Smith was making under the Boogie name to exude the same tonal thump as a 4×12 cabinet. But players soon discovered that the compact, smartly voiced EQ had as much and often more tonal shaping power than EQs with many more sliders. Now, that deceptively compact set of sliders, each with +/- 12 dB of boost/cut capability, can be put to work for you, even if you don’t have Mark-series Boogie in your stable.

The EQ may be best known, especially among contemporary players, for the Richter Scale-busting sound that results from it’s ability to heavily scoop the midrange frequencies. You can’t truly spell “djent” without a “V”, if you know what we mean. This pedal, of course, will get you there as well, as you can hear in TTK’s review.
The Boogie Five-Band EQ works extremely well in front of an amp or patched in through the effects loop, for even greater flexibility. If you’re unsatisfied with the sound or tweakability of your amp’s stock EQ, the Boogie Five-Band EQ pedal is an easily implemented substitute. It can also serve the role of a typical EQ pedal, providing a lift for solos or extra midrange pop for grinding rhythm lines. It’s also a great tool to have in your rig to help you fine tune your rigs response to a club or studio.

An EQ is a pedal that every guitarist should in his or her arsenal, so you might as well get a legendary one that was tailor-made for guitar tones. The Mesa/Boogie Five-Band EQ is five bands and the truth!




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