30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015: Digitech Ventura Vibe Rotary/Vibrato


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If you haven’t been paying attention, Digitech pedals have been making a bit of a change lately. Arguably DigiTech is one of the best pedal manufacturers out there, yet they have somehow managed to improve on their own formula. Pedals like thae Polara and the Obscura have pushed the envelope on what we all thought reverb and delay should be while brandishing   killer graphics and sleek new design. And, yes. They’re doing it again. For 30 Pedals in 30 Days, TheToneKing.com had a chance to check out the new DigiTech Ventura Vibe Rotary/Vibrato pedal.

During my times of excessive drug use, there was a careful balance between comfortably wobbly and spinning out of control. The first meant that you were in a good place with an adequate amount of swagger while the other meant that you were probably about ready to become a puke factory. It’s that same line that DigiTech tells to get bent with the Ventura Vibe.

Realizing that utter freaking delirium can sometimes be a good thing, the Ve   ntura Vibe pushes farther than any other Rotary/Vibrato that we’ve ever tested. Sure, it can deliver on the vintage sounds that you’ll find in Floyd or Allman Brothers, but hell, sometimes you’re looking to boldly go where no one has gone before. The Ventura Vibe is the vibe for those who have the balls to push the limits.

Vintage to modern with three rotary/vibrato effects that can be individually contoured. What really drew us in, though, was the stacked Tone and Drive controls. These can be cranked hard enough until they distort. Which created a killer vibe. (See what I did there?) Seriously, though, the fact that you could push this enough to distort created a really cool dynamic that we weren’t expecting.

The versatility of the controls is near the best that we’ve seen in this kind of pedal. Basically, we were able to bring everything from classic to cutting edge modern to fruition without having to think too much about. There’s also a speed function that gives players the option of staying laid back or hitting the skids hard and fast.

Stereo inputs and outputs, constant high voltage rails, a bicolor status LED indicator, and true bypass circuitry rounds out this killer pedal. And, while it’s a bit smaller than some pedals, the thing’s still built like a freaking tank.

Nothing says reliable like DigiTech. I mean, they’re freaking DigiTech. While they’ve been going a new direction, it’s only been to build pedals that will satisfy even the most discerning players. Never to disappoint, the DigiTech Ventura Vibe has only elevated the level of DigiTech’s already stellar line.



  • StompLock™ – This unique new device fits snugly over the Ventura Vibe’s control knobs to protect your finely-tuned settings from drops, bumps and kicks that inevitably take place when you perform.Die cut
  • Hook-and-loop Pedalboard Pad – This is a high-density mounting pad for stick and stay, semi-permanent mounting of the Ventura Vibe on pedalboards. It is also easily unmounted for pedalboard reconfiguration.
  • Online Warranty Registration Information Card
  • Three Unique Rotary/Vibrato Types:
    • VINTAGE – Inspired by vintage phaser-based Uni-Vibe™ effects
    • MODERN – Original pure pitch-based vibrato effect
    • ROTARY – Based on a Leslie® speaker rotary effectSlow to fast Foot-Switchable speeds




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