100,000 Reasons Why …

100,000 Reasons Why

A Celebration of Great Gear and Great Community with TheTone King and RockBoard


We here at TheToneKing.com are excitedly counting down to the next installation GuitCon 2018, one of the premier YouTube guitar community events of the year. TTK will be joining friends Steve from Boston, InTheBlues, David Walliman, Gearmanndude, at the Framus/Warwick factory in Markneukirchen, Germany to check out all the cool stuff that Framus/Warwick, PRS, Ibanez, Ortega, Schecter, Hughes and Kettner, Harley Benton, and others will be bringing to the show.


As you’re probably aware, the Tone King has been doing this ol’ YouTube thing for quite a while. This writer will attest that TTK is always thinking of you, the viewer and reader, in every aspect of running TheToneKing.com. We’ve made it our mission to bring you news on the best deals, provide the best content, and offer a place for like-minded gear heads a place to connect and share ideas, opinions, and knowledge. So, when TTK established a goal to get the channel up to 100,000 subscribers, he wanted to do something cool as a thank you for all the support he’s received over the years. And it made perfect sense to bring Framus/Warwick in on the act!


It’s no secret that TheToneKing.com has a real affinity for Framus/Warwick. The reason is simple: they make cool stuff that we love! So, in celebration of GuitCon 2018 and to provide some extra incentive to help The Tone King get to 100,000 subscribers, Warwick is giving away a complete pedalboard overhaul in the form of a RockBoard 3.1 TRES B, RockBoard BLACK, GOLD, and SAPPHIRE Flat Patch cables, and a RockBoard Power Block power supply.  Click here to get in on it!


The RockBoard 3.1 TRES B pedalboard is a lightweight, battle-ready pedalboard with a slotted design that makes it easy to effectively and securely arrange and transport the winners prized pedals, whether he/she uses the old tried-and-true Velcro method or trade up and to RockBoard Quick Mount pedal mounting plates.


The winner will get even more bang for his/her pedalboard buck with RockBoard’s Flat Patch cables, which eliminate bulky cylindrical connectors in favor of a sleek, compact plug design that makes the best use of pedalboard space. The winner will also get an assortment of BLACK (quality sound without the frills), GOLD (gold-plated plugs for even better sound quality), and the top-of-the-line SAPPHIRE (more shielding and gold-lating for the ultimate in clear, quiet, audiophile-quality signal flow) Flat Patch models.


Of course, the winner will definitely need some juice to get those tones going. Warwick has you covered there as well with their Power Block pedalboard power supply, a light-yet-mighty power source that will deliver as much as 2000 ma of clean power to your stompbox stable. All you have to do is subscribe, sign up at the link, and get ready to ditch the plywood, duct tape, and $2 patch cables for some truly pro-grade kit!


But in addition to registering, we need the Tone Kingdom’s epic help. If you’re not subscribed, we humbly invite you to go ahead and click that button. We also hope you’ll spread the word and grow our great community even further. You’ll stay up-to-date on hangouts, gear reviews, and other adventures in the Tone Lounge. And, if you’re feeling particularly generous and want to enhance your commitment, we hope you’ll check out TheToneKing.com on Patreon. Every little bit on Patreon helps, and you’ll get even more quality content and engagement for a couple cups of coffee a month. But no matter what course you decide to take, we greatly appreciate your viewership and will never waiver on our commitment to bring you great content.


As of this writing, GuitCon is a little more than two weeks away. We’d love to name a winner during TTK’s visit to Framus/Warwick, so get subscribed and registered!


On to GuitCon 2018!




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