Boys & Girls, new for 2010, The Tone King is working REALLY HARD to get the gear in your hands, FOR FREE!!

Gear Give-Aways

Each month, you can expect a gear give-away!  The way in which I give away the gear will be different, so please be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to receive video updates each month, which will outline the terms of the give-away.  You can Subscribe by clicking the yellow box or visiting this link :

The Winners

All winners get announced on my Live Webcast.

Live Webcast (on UStream.TV)

TTK puts together a live webcast the last Friday of every month at 2 minutes to midnight EST, GMT-5, New York Time, so you can talk w/ him in real-time!  It’s a great opportunity to ask him questions directly and hear from others who tune in.  It’s also a great way to get the low down on what’s coming next!

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  • Date of Next Live WebCast : Last Friday of every month!
  • Give-Away : Each monthly give-away winners get announced on the webcast!
  • For Details on the Give-Aways, visit : and on the top of the page (on the menu / nav bar), search for TTK Gear Give-Aways.  There’s a drop down menu for each month’s give-away details!

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As always, THANK YOU and ROCK ON!

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  1. Matt Ubl (you-ble) says:

    Hey Tone King! Love your videos, I am a noobie at guitar, however I’ve played drums for 14 years, and bass for 6 years, anyway I think, this is the best sight/youtube thing for advice on guitar stuff. keep it up and keep growing with your business Tone King!!! glad to be apart of it!!!!!

  2. TexasbarBQ says:

    I have a starcaster 15g 28W amp and it crackles like crazy I get tired of having to hit the top of it till it i just play threw my $15 dollar spectrum pocket sounds like crap but least i dont have to stop and bang on it every couple of seconds…

  3. Danelle says:

    I want this amp for my studio!! I have a tiny practice amp that is broken and sounds terrible! I can’t record with that!

  4. Mike Anderson says:

    Hi Tone King. I thought I’d stop by to say hey. Your site is great for us rock n’ rollers and we do appreciate all you do for us. No one works as hard as you do TK. When it comes to gear reviews you stand head and shoulders above all the rest. Oh yea, the giveaways are the icing on the cake. Later Gator.

  5. Hello Tone King! Right now I play thrugh a Peavey TKO 115 Bass amp. Well I dont play Bass I mostley play with my Jackson KE3! If I win the JCA20H I would trade in my TKO for a JCA24S 2×12! Now that woud be very nice! Thanks! Steve

  6. Mike McQuain says:

    I’m really digging what I’ve heard and seen on the new JetCity 333… may have to end up with one of these. And thanks TTK for the giveaways… now if I can just win!

  7. Willy says:

    I long for the tonez. I been searchin high and low. I am a hungry man.

  8. ringo says:

    Just listen to a review on my Guitar Player Disc. Jet City sounded as good as the Marshall Haze Head that was on the same disc. Seems a amp worth a serious look, especialy for the price. Nice Job!

  9. Just2Cool4Words says:

    Well TTK, it’s time to update my amplifier. I have an old Traynor amp from the early 1970’s that is technologically outdated. I’ve been laid off from my job for a little over a year now, so spending money on a new amp is not an option. This amp would give me the new start I need. Whoever you decide to give it to, I hope they will appreciate it as much as I would. Thanks Tone King for being an ambassador to great tone! GW

  10. This looks like an awesome thing to have. No wonder the term “tone king” fits here!

  11. […] 2 minutes to midnight (1.29.10) — so you have limited time to get in it. Head on over to Jet City Giveaway and tell him why you want the Jet City JCA20H […]

  12. Joel Buttle says:

    Love your video’s, you made me completely comfortable about buying my Randall RM100 Lynchbox.

    I would also love to win a nice Jet City Amp

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