How Listening Heavy Metal Music Affects Essay Writing Activity

You have probably heard a lot of claims about heavy metal music to: ”be horrible”, “be Devil’s anthem”, “drive people crazy”, and so on. Since the 2000s, many articles stigmatizing heavy metal appeared. There were different researches and investigations aimed to reveal its deadly nature. The years passed, and we are still alive and not crazy. It is time to ask a question: “Is heavy metal music so bad is we got used to hearing?”. What about its positive influence? This post will try to discredit the myths about the evil influence of heavy metal, at least its impact on writing skills.

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Can Heavy Metal Make Us Happy?

According to Jerrold Levinson, an American musical theorist, the language of music is not less potent than the regular means of communication. Heavy metal music brings a powerful emotional charge. It can be more powerful than many live occasions. The emotions the music delivers can be divided into two types: comprehended and felt. Despite its cruel and misanthropic nature, heavy metal music might bring many positive emotions to people tuned to it. So, it can make you happy. Happiness promotes productivity.

How Background Noise Affects Creativity?

Usually, we listen to music during work because of boredom. Music can whip up our feelings and promote imagination. When you perform the creative writing, the left hemisphere of your brain works intensively. Music keeps it strained. The main trick is in setting the proper noise level. Too loud music will distract you. You will stop hearing too silent music as well. The background noise stimulates abstract thinking. That is why you can see so many artistic personalities at heavy metal festivals.

Is There Any Connection between Heavy Metal and Logical Thinking?

As you know, listening to music and learning how to play music instruments lay positive effects on the further development of a person. The professors of the University of St. Andrews have noticed that students playing or listening to music are better than their group mates in four factors: comprehension of sound information, logical thinking, vocabulary volume, and motority. The practice of listening and playing music develops the connection between brain hemispheres. Heavy metal music implies playing guitars and drums. If you do it, do not leave the habit of better studying.

How Can Heavy Metal Create Atmosphere?

The proper atmosphere is essential for every activity, including creative academic writing. Famous writer Stephen King says he loves listening to rock while he is working. The proper atmosphere depends on the temper of each person. Some people love classical music. Others are fond of rap music. If you like heavy metal, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Heavy metal may not seem to have rhythm. Heavy metal lovers say it is not true. They can hear it. And, as we know, proper rhythm can bring order to our thoughts and actions.

Heavy Metal Promotes Imagination

Heavy metal songs have very creative texts. Unlike other music styles, they do not tend to refer to real things. Usually, they talk about fantasy. Ancient and medieval myths of various folks have become a significant part of the heavy metal background. It takes a listener more effort and thinking to understand the images and references inside the text.

Consequently, the brain that can picturise both real and unreal world has more imagination resources. Imagination is the main part of your creativity. A heavy metal fan is more likely to get new ideas in writing.

Finally, heavy metal music is a proper disengagement from negative thoughts. A couple of songs can turn on your competitive spirit and deprive you of depression. You are ready for new achievements and the best results in studying.

To conclude, do not listen to those who say heavy metal is a distraction. You can promote your thinking and brain activity with it if you listen to heavy metal properly. Make sure it does not bother people around you and listen to it whenever you want.


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