Sep’10 – Line 6 Amp

Boys & Girls – For September 2010, TTK has teamed up w/ Line 6, and will be giving away a ROCKING COOL prize : 

  • The Line 6 Spider Valve MkII 1×12 Combo Amp, along with the matching FBV Shortboard MkII Controller

Congratulations to our WINNER : dillonmcannnell

Here is his OLD school / NEW school comment :

well OLD school to me is hearing my dad playing awsome songs from the 70s and 80s and hearing his guitar player phill play a marshall jcm with tubes and just seeing them have fun NEW school me playing with my dads band and having so much fun trying to keep up with them AND MODELING my sound to try to be like my father because his sound is the TONE i chase

How can I win? 

Its’ simple – all you need to do is watch this video by clicking here (or by watching below), and leave a comment, or a video reply, telling us about something ‘Old School / New School’.  As noted in the video – The Line 6 Spider Valve series is all about Old School / New School.  Old School tubes coupled w/ New School modeling truly gives you the best of both worlds – the versatility of modeling, with the smooth, warm tones of tubes – all in a single package.  

It truly can’t be easier than that!  Just leave a comment or a video reply.  This isn’t a talent show, and isn’t a popularity contest.  We told you a story – now it’s your turn to tell us a story, on theme w/ Old School / New School. 


When will a winner be announced?

On the next TTK live webcast (Friday September 24th, starting @ 2 minutes to midnight GMT-4 EDT, GMT-5 EST; New York City time), we’ll announce one lucky winner.  Line 6 and TTK will read / watch all of the replies, and pick our favorite.  That’s it!

Live Webcast

Full details on the live webcast can be found by clicking here, or by visiting :

Amp Specs

Full details on the Line 6 Spider Valve MkII 1×12 Combo Amp and FBV Shortboard MkII Controller can be found here :