Oct’10 – Jet City Amp & Pedals

October 2010 – Jet City Amplification

The Give-Away

You Asked For It – YOU GOT IT! – A TTK Talent Show!  Since I started the TTK Give-Aways back in January of 2010, I’ve been receiving emails from those wanting a talent show, a riff-off, a shred-contest, a song-writing contest, etc.  So, we’ll take the best of ALL of those ideas, and combine under one umbrella, called The Tone King Talent Show

So, for October 2010, I have teamed up with Jet City Amplification and will be giving away THREE (yes, 3!!!) ROCKING COOL prizes! 

Grand Prize Winner will receive a  Jet City JCA20H All Tube Head.  For the 2nd & 3rd Prizes (runner-ups), those winners will receive a Jet City Shockwave Distortion Pedal. 


  • Grand Prize : YouTube UserID : WouterGuitarFreak

  • Runner-Up #1 : YouTube UserIDs : Den1sVengeance

  • Runner-Up #2 : YouTube UserIDs : LordOfThisWorld74

A Note to Everyone Who Participated :

You all rocked!  It was very sweet seeing all the talent & chops out there, which made the decisions pretty tough.  The kind folks of Jet City Amplification and I went through all of these videos together, and narrowed down to these top 3 picks.  Congrats to everyone for participating, and special congrats to those who won the prizes.  Also – special thanks to Jet City for working w/ TheToneKing.com on this awesome give-away!  ROCK ON, signed, TTK.

The Rules

  • The rules are very simple.  Give us your best guitar work, by video reply only on the Official YouTube Video Announcement Page.  Click here to visit that page
  • No copyrighted material, please make sure it’s your own work.
  • And, as this is a talent show, we’re more interested in your guitar playing abilities, than the production abilities, so please don’t stress on YouTube compression quality.  Trust us … we understand how tough it is to produce a good video!
  • With that said – Practice you Chops, and give us your best!
  • Oh, and yes – this is opened up world-wide!

How and When will a winner be selected?

The cool guys at Jet City Amplification and I will go through the video responses, and together, we will pick our top 3 favorites.  This will prevent it from turning into a popularity contest, and will keep the drama down to a minimum.  Essentially, we are the panel of judges that will pick our favorite videos.  All we ask for you is to bring your best! 

Please note : there will be NO Live Webcast this month (which is historically when winners got announced).  With that said, the top 3 winners will be announced at 2 minutes to midnight on 10/29 on THIS VERY PAGE, so please check back here on 10/29 to see if you are one of the lucky winners.

Specs on the JCA20H and Shockwave Distortion Pedal :

Full details can be found here :

  • Jet City Amplification JCA20H :  Link Coming Soon, Please Check Back
  • Jet City Afterburner Distortion Pedal : Link Coming Soon, Please Check Back