Jun’10 – Randall Amp

July’10- The Give-Away :

Randall’s RT50 2 Channel – 1×12 All Tube Combo Amp!

For June / July 2010, The Tone King has teamed up with hard rockin’ Randall Amplifiers and will be giving away a brand new RT50 All Tube, 2 Channel amp.

The Rules

TTK is all about YOU, the Viewer / the Player … so this is how it will work … it’s simple. Visit The Tone King’s Official YouTube Video Announcement (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtkJY033-Z8), and tell us your story as to why you want this amp. You’re welcome to leave a text comment, or video reply. Top 10 stories / videos will be picked by The Tone King and Joe Delaney from Randall. We’ll be looking for content that’s original, authentic and entertaining!

At 2 minutes to midnight on TTK’s live webcast (7/30/10 GMT-5 New York Time), the top 10 picks will go live via an online poll (on this page). Then YOU will have the opportunity to VOTE for the winner. This way, we all have a say in who the winner will be! Make sure to read the comments / watch the videos first, then cast your vote below. Again – Poll, UserIDs & Comments / Videos will open up GMT-5 EST, at 2 minutes to midnight (New York City time). Visit this link to Join the Live Webcast : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-tone-king-live. Good luck and ROCK ON !!

Voting Poll is set up based on IP and Cookie.

Poll is now Closed! – Congratulations to pauloleal3

Before casting your vote, make sure to read / watch all replies (scroll down to read / watch)! Poll is open for 24 hours, and will be closed July 31st, 2010 @ 2 minutes to midnight New York Time – GMT-5.

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Entries :

1) Sergioterol – YouTube Video Reply – Click link, or watch below :


2) Kindalegit – YouTube Video Reply – Click link, or watch below :


3) pauloleal3 – YouTube Comment – I’m going to try to keep this as honest as i can, no bs. I’m from Portugal, and since i was 12, music has been a passion of mine. I have a strat and half-decent practice amp, and it’s giving me the best it can. I can’t afford a decent amp because i’m still finishing school and don’t have a job. It’d just be a huge help to me if i won this, because i’d be able to actually sound good in a band and live setting, and also i could annoy the hell out of my mother and please my dad with some good rock.

4) SerWer90 – YouTube Comment – Greetings from Krasnoyarsk to TTK! I’m a proselyte of pure tube-sounding. I like the warmth and the power that are given by this amp very much, but unfortunately there’s no shop in my city selling this amp, and my cash isn’t suitable for this hot thing. I’ve got many musical ideas, but I don’t have gear for it. If I get this amp, I’ll record my masterpieces as soon as possible and become the best guitar player in the whole universe (in case of fail I can send the amp back). I promise. Serge.

5) tjdowney4 – YouTube Comment – Hey TTK,i would really love to have this amp because music is my life and i am just now getting out of my garage and when i played for the talent show at my shool my little 15 watt wasnt loud enough,my band was playing seek and destroy by metallica and there were people singing it,i had the best feeling ever when i heard that and that is what is making me want to continue playing guitar because it was so amazing,so please let me win this amp so i can continue making music

6) EricMaldonadoMusic – YouTube Comment – Well, 1st I want to thank TTK Joe Delaney and Randall. 2nd, I really would like to own an all tube amp. I have a Pod and have never had the pleasure of owning a really cool amp. 3rd My family is going through hard times with money and cannot afford anything for me right now, I know that there are more important things for my family to use money on but I really wish I could have an awesome tube amp. We can’t afford it. I am recording my first album and I would love to have a tube amp for that.

7) Zacarie Brassard – TheToneKing.com Comment – Hi Mister TTK, I am going to my last year at high school and I pratice 40 hours per week because this is my passion. I work also at a grocery store 30 hours a week at the minimal salary to get a new car to go to the college next year and my dream is to have a band and play some progressive metal so my time is all spent for that and I dont have the money to buy me a new amp so to win the Randall RT-50 would push me up for finding band members and keeping my money to buy me an old used car. I think you are a really good guy for giving those opportunities to people around the world and I would say thank for the name of all people interested by music around the world. Sorry for my english, this is not my mother tongue have a good day Zac – https://thetoneking.com/gear-give-away/jul10-randall/comment-page-1/#comment-1394

8 – mike anderson – TheToneKing.com Comment – Greetings Tone King. First of all I must say You have the best website on the net for guitar players looking for new gear. I myself was looking for a tube amp last year and saw your shoot out between the bugera V-22 and the Vox 15 watt tube amp. Because of your video I was able to compare both amps side by side and make my choice. I bought the Bugera V-22 and I’m very happy with the tone. I would like to win the Randle amp because It has great tone and more power output than my present amp. I’m broke and don’t have the extra cash to spend right now so winning this amp would be a fantastic expierence to say the least. I will be danceing in the street if I win. Keep up the fine work and I’ll see you again soon. MIKE P.S. me and my grandson would love to come to your house one day and say hello and play with some of your unbelieveable gear. – https://thetoneking.com/gear-give-away/jul10-randall/comment-page-1/#comment-1392

9) Munteanu Mihai – TheToneKing.com Comment – Hello, My name is Mihai and I’m from Romania. I want this amp because I don’t have am amp. I’m 19 and I’ve been playing for 3 years now and in the last year I started to get gigs. Since I started I’ve been playing an Ibanez V72 acoustic and 3 months ago I finally raised enough cash to buy an electric guitar, a Fender Standard Strat. The reason I need this amp is because it will probably take me at least another year until I raise enough money for a decent amp, and since I bought the guitar I’ve been borrowing amps from friends. It would really help me if I got this because it would really give me a huge boost. I just finished high-school and plan to find a band when I get to college, and I can’t really keep up with being in a band if I don’t have any means of experimenting with songs at home. Have a good one. – https://thetoneking.com/gear-give-away/jul10-randall/comment-page-1/#comment-1300

10) occum – TheToneKing.com Comment – I am retired Navy, on a fixed income. In 1974 I purchased an old Supro tube amp from a pawn shop on Atlantic Ave; Brooklyn New York. In fact many a time over the years that old Supro put many a meal on the table, by returning to the pawn shop when times were tight, but I was always able to bring her back home. I’ve never heard reverb on any other amp like that one, to be so old it was a great unit. At that time I also purchased my first real guitar, a Gibson L6S Custom, a fine guitar which I still have. Some years ago my home was gutted by fire and my Supro amp was lost. Due to the responsibilities of raising a family, some college, and The Navy, I really did not have a chance to rock that old Supro amp, the way I always wanted to. Although my home was gutted by fire, my L6S was in a back bedroom closet, encased in it’s original hard case. Although kind of sooty and carrying a deep smoke smell, I was able to clean it up, and it’s in very good shape at this time. Since my retirement, I have more time to practice and play guitar. I have a very small practice amp that I practice with everyday, it has not to many features and not a very good sound, but at least I can get though a practice session. As mentioned above, I’m on a fixed income, and cannot in any way afford such a find unit as the Randall RT50. Would love to match my long best friend (the L6S) with this fine tube amp! For me to win, would be one of the best feelings in the world!!!https://thetoneking.com/gear-give-away/jul10-randall/comment-page-1/#comment-1298

The Fine Print

For video entries – please keep submissions under 60 seconds. Also, as this contest is opened up internationally, please understand there may be 4 – 8 weeks delivery time, depending on the country you live in. Brand new unit will be shipped directly from U.S Music Corporation / Randall Amplifiers.

Live Webcast Details

All polls or winners to all TTK Give-Aways are announced on TTK’s Live Webcast the last Friday of each month. For the Randall RT50 Give-Away, the poll will open up on the July Webcast- July 30th, and will run for 24 hours, giving you an opportunity to vote.

TTK puts together a live webcast the last Friday of every month at 2 minutes to midnight EST / EDT, GMT-5, New York Time, so you can talk w/ him in real-time! It’s a great opportunity to ask him questions directly and hear from others who tune in. It’s also a great way to get the low down on what’s coming next!

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For more information

On the Randall RT50 All Tube 2 Channel Combo Amp Visit : http://www.randallamplifiers.com/Amplifiers/RT-Series-Amps/

As always, GOOD LUCK & ROCK ON, Signed, The Tone King & Randall Amplifiers