Jan’10 – Jet City JCA20H

January 2010 – TTK Give-Away

The Gear : A Jet City JCA20H

The Winner : linqua2112

Boys & Girls, … TTK and Jet City Amplification are kicking off the TTK Give-Away, by putting a brand new JCA20H into someone’s hands!

How can I participate?

Watch the video below.  Make sure to leave a comment on the YouTube Channel. Here is the direct link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt0zVlklWK8

Who will win?

TTK is all about YOU, the Viewer / the Player … so this is how it will work. TTK will read through ALL of the comments and pick 5. Jet City will do the same, and will also pick 5. At 2 minutes to midnight on TTK’s live webcast (1/29/10 GMT-5 New York Time), the top 10 picks will go live.  Then YOU will have the opportunity to VOTE on the winner. This way, we all have say in who the winner will be! Make sure to read the comments first, then cast your vote below. Poll, UserIDs & Comments will open up GMT-5 EST, at 2 minutes to midnight (New York City time). Visit this link to Join the Live Webcast : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-tone-king-live.  Good luck and ROCK ON !!

Voting is set up based on IP and Cookie.


POLLS ARE CLOSED.  Here are the results.

[poll id=”5″]

Entry 1: (linqua2112)
Hey tone king, i dont have a sob story, glamour story or anything like that. like you said, im gonna keep it real. im 19 years old, my name is Luke. i have a job in a small boring town. before money was scarce, my dad took me and we bought a marshall AVT150C. its terrible ive been stuck with this gimmick amp for years, and scarcely play it, no money to get a new one. my friends and i obsess over tubes daily, its really funny. id absolutely love this amp for the pure passion of playing. tubes!!

Entry 2: (akaboo69)

Hey TTK I WOULD Like to have the head because my main head is a getto riged stereo used as a head. So bassically I dont have guitar amp I have a 15 watt practice Marshall and an insignia stereo amplifier but its not meant to be used as an amp head I use because im broke and the economy is horrible. what my video called poor mans guitar rig and you will see my gear, so thats my story man tone wise I would love to have that british kind of roar El 84s rule man

Entry 3: (guitardbucket)
Hey ToneKing, welcome home :). I’d like the amp because I’ve actually never owned a true tube amp before, and also, I really respect what Soldano is doing by trying to offer a quality amp at a decent price, and I like to support things like that. I’d use the amp for recording, for YouTube demos, and for the various musical things I do for various podcasts. Were I to get the amp, I would be more than happy to spread the word of where I was getting my new tone, too.

Entry 4: (dbenc)
I would like it because I’m loyal watcher. I interact and try to leave helpful comments. I’m also having my first child in May and by the laws of my wife I cannot think let alone buy anything regarding guitars or amps. Plus I could be my sons first amp! And I might name him Tone King. I would be great full. And I also showed you the correct way to leave one of those bad boy right there. I keep leaving comments telling you to put the pinky in or its sign language for I love you!!!

Entry 5: (baronofbefoulment)
Hi. if you don’t remember I’m the guy who guessed the BC Rich Bich Perfect 10. Well, I’ve been playing for a few years But last year I ran into some financial trouble (still trying to catch up) and had to sell all of my gear. Now that tax season is coming around i was looking into buying some new gear. I could benefit from this amp by not having to buy one along with all the other stuff I have to replace.

Entry 6: (aw350meman69)
Hey ttk , it would be great to win this amp, my school hasn’t had a band in 8 years, me and a few students frome my grade 11 class formed a school band, and there is a battle of the bands coming up called schoolstock and if i had this amp i think we could REALLY get a great rock sound and maybe even win, and post a video response of it.

Entry 7: (satch7699)
Hey tone King. I have been playing for 10 years now. I play classic rock and same Satriani tunes. A good amp has never been in my fortune. For the past 10 years i have only been able to gain access to a Peavey 158 Rage. If you watch my youtube videos you can see that every video is done direct in from my digitech RP200a. I play more through my computer speakers than through my real amp. This amp would move me up from the bedroom jammer to being able to jam with a drummer. Thanks TK! \\m//

Entry 8: (themodernguitarist)
I don’t want this amp. I just wanted to say I like the way you picked to give away gear. Its fair, balanced, and won’t be pointed towards a certain audience. Just pointed towards everyone.

…BUT, if you give away a Bugera 6262 or a 333XL, I shall be there!

Entry 9: (nght5tlkr)
Honestly, the amp isn’t a complete necessity for me, but I’d definitely love to have it. Having to fund myself through college is tough, so it’s not very often I come across gear I can buy–hence why I know about a lot of deals that I try to share with everyone. Interestingly enough, I’m studying music in school so it’d most likely see use there in my performances. After college, my plan is to start my own audio electronics company while continually progressing on my musicianship. Hopefully,

Entry 10: (ericakima)
For the past couple of months, my boyfriend’s obsession with guitars, amps and pickups(?) has been maliciously affecting our relationship. His constant needs/wants for new gears have emptied out his wallet and mine. I once asked my boyfriend if he liked me or his guitars better and his response was, “you with a guitar!” By winning this amp, I could probably grab his attention for longer than usual. \m/