Feb’10 – Bugera 1990

The Give-Away

  • Feb 2010 – WIN A BUGERA 1990 AMP HEAD in The Tone King’s “Open Mic” Giveaway!

THE WINNER of the Bugera 1990 Tube Amp Head

POLL IS CLOSED.  Congrats to the top 9 Runner Ups below (who will receive a Behringer stompbox of their choice).  Thanks everyone for voting!

Congrats to the 9 runner ups : mikhailwp, Den1sVengeance, greygod798, Juanjosebol, Paulster14, chriscoooley, Zenabi12, MLMguitarGuy, Valserp .  IF YOUR NAME IS ON THIS LIST : SEND ME A MSG THROUGH YouTube/LMSJR, with you FULL NAME, FULL ADDRESS, Telephone #, and the Behringer Pedal of your choice. See : (http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/), see Stompboxes, Tuners and Accessories).  THANKS and again, CONGRATS from TTK & Bugera / Behringer!  

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The Rules

How? Easy. Tell us a story. See, we’ve been having trouble sleeping and could use a good tale. And you know what puts us at ease? Knowing that our gear is changing people’s lives for the better. So, end users – tell us about it. Best story wins a BUGERA 1990. Set up a camera, set up yourself, and send us a video detailing what music means to you, and why it’s so important.  (Video Reply here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1eyHreDFVE)  

The producer of our favorite video will win a BUGERA 1990 amplifier head. Nine (9) Runner-ups will receive a single (1) BEHRINGER stompbox of their choice–from the current BEHRINGER catalog, of course.  

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Video judging criteria

Video Judging Criteria will be equally weighted across the following three categories:  

∙ Originality
∙ Authenticity
∙ Storytelling

We ask that you keep in mind the following:  

∙ Keep all video submissions under 60 seconds.
∙ Musical ability is NOT part of the judging criteria.
∙ If you choose to perform in your video, the material MUST be original. No cover songs.  

So, what are you waiting for? All we want is a minute of your time and the scorching tones of a BUGERA 1990 amplifier could be at your command. Don’t forget – your video doesn’t need to pitch BUGERA. This is about you, not us – so bring your creative best!  

Lights, camera…  


Deadline on Video Submissions : Wed, Feb 24 2010 – NOON EST, GMT-5, NYC Time.  

Winner will be announced on my Live Webcast : https://thetoneking.com/contact-thetoneking/  

What else?