Apr’10 – Line 6 Wireless

Apr’10- The Give-Away : 

Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System 

For April 2010, The Tone King has teamed up with Line 6, and will be giving away a brand new, Relay G30 Wireless.

Poll is closed

Winner : BigKyle

BigKyle was among the final 10, and within 24 hours (2 minutes to midnight 4/30 – 2 minutes to midnight 5/1), BigKyle was able to rake in the most amount of votes for the Worst Cabled Story.  Scroll down below to view the poll, and BigKyle’s ‘worst cabled story’!  Congratulations to Big Kyle from The Tone King, TheToneKing.com & Line 6!  ROCK ON! 

Who can enter?


How can I enter to win?

It’s simple.  Enter your comment below (on TheToneKing.com website), or visit this YouTube Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I64Y4U2P-IU), and tell us your WORST CABLED STORY!!!  Tell us why you need a wireless unit!  Simple right?Yeah, we thought so too! 

How will a winner be selected?

Line 6 will pick some comments, The Tone King will pick some comments, and then on the next live webcast (Friday April 30th), YOU, the viewer will be able to vote for your favorite.  This way, we all get to have some say in who the winner will be !!

When will the winner be announced?

The polls will open up (on this page) during TTK’s Live Webcast the last Friday of each month.  For the Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System, this date will be : Friday April 30th at 2 minutes to midnight EDT.  You then have 24 hours to select (vote) for the winner.  Polls will close down at 2 minutes to midnight (24 hours from open) EDT, May 1st, 2010, and the winner will be posted to this very page on TheToneKing.com.

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Taken From YouTube :

GuitarBrotha Ok I was playing at a gig a local coffee shop in my town. We were playing one by Metalica and we were at the part of the song where the solo is and I start playing the solo i ran up to the front of the stage (little did i know my 20 foot cable wrapped around my ankle) when i hit the tip of the stage my cable tripped me off the front of the stage landing on a coffee table head first breaking my guitar and tipped over my amp head! Luckily my amp head was ok but all the tubes broke. Cables BLOW!!!

hanoverphist My story took place a good while back when I was in high school. My band was competing in a battle of the bands competition. We were doing great until we got to my big guitar solo in our final song. The lead singer said “Take it Mike” and gestured towards me with a David Lee Roth’ish flailing-scissor kick move. I did a power slide into center stage, the spotlight fell on me and then….no guitar. The lead singer had unknowingly unplugged me from my amp with his big kick. It was an epic fail!

NicoADTRkusumah i was playing guitar in my bedroom and i could smell burning. I realised that my girlfriend had left her hair straighteners on and my cable was heating up and was melting on them. As a result, the tape i had around the end of my cable had caught fire and then my speaker cab started to catch fire. I had to switch the mains electricity off and use a fire extinguisher.. it was nothing short of a close call.Word of advise.. make sure you use the best quality electrical tape!!

paddan91 Well, maybe not the worst story, but I went to my local music store and wanted to buy a somewhat decent cable, so I bought a monster cable, expensive as hell, and got home and started to play, it sounded great and all. I took a break and then played some more.  Anyway, my little sister stepped into my room with her bunny, Tufsi. And let it go free on the floor, and suddenly everything went completely quiet, and Tufsi ate my new cable up 🙁

Taken from TTK Website :

BigKyle says: My worst cable story is extremely personal, and extremely emberassing. Last year i was playing a huge battle of the bands at a very famous local venue in my hometown. My band was playing for a crowd of at least 300 or 400 people, and it was our biggest show to date. So we go on stage and get all our equipment set up on stage and prepare to play our hearts out. At the time i had a nice 20 or so foot cable that gave me a lot of room to move around. Not 30 seconds into our 3rd song, i step on my bass cable, trip my self and fall face first onto the stage moniter. At this point in time i now have a busted cable, the input jack actually broke off inside my bass, and extremely out of tune bass, which is essentially usless due to the fact my cable was broken, and a bloody, busted lip. So we stopped the song and luckily, another band that was playin that night was kind enough to lend me his bass, which was a $80 piece of junk, and his 10 foot cable. So for our last 3 songs of our biggest show, i had to stand in back of everyone playing a piece of junk bass, a busted lip, and the knowledge that everyone was either laughing at me or felt sorry for me. So what started out being our best show yet quickly turned into our worst, and one of the worst days of my life. 

George says: My story is somewhat of an embarrassment. It started when i was 15, I was Heavily into ACDC. Loved anything angus young related. We’ll for that christmas, I woke up to an SG, I was bursting with excitement to say the least. I had also received a 45* cable to go with it, cable died. So i kept using my Fender california cables. It was approx a month after that, I had a heap of friends around. I was playing ACDC, It was just a good time. I had attempted a duck walk before that, so i thought, this will get them laughing. I started duck walking( anyone that doesn’t know, a duck walk is what angus young and Chuck Berry done on stage frequently, kicking one leg out whilst walking) WE’LL….. Everyone started laughing, Like i suspected. But my leg became entangled with my lead…I started to fall over, i Pulled my leg back CRUNCH! I fell over. I was fine but i looked at my New SG, I had pulled the Input jack straight out of the guitar, along with majority of the wood over the cavity where the pots are located. I sat there looking at my SG in Shock for about 5mins, I was just in such disbelief… This guitar was my Pride and Joy, This was my most prized possession. After my friends had left, i realized my parents were going to be home soon, how was i going to hide this from them??? I took the guitar into the garage, pushed all the splintering wood together, and put a piece of MDF underneath the input jack, I finally got it stabilized, so it wouldn’t just fall out when i stood it up . The garage door started opening just as i had finished, i grabbed the guitar ran back through the door into the house just before my parents had seen me. i put the Guitar back in its stand and acted like nothing had happened… It was about 3 days after that my Dad was looking at it and was saying to me, it just doesn’t look quite right, he picked it up and said, there was heaps of little hairline cracks showing through the lacquer. He started probing it, I was feeling sick in my stomach by then. He kept going until one piece of the splintered wood fell out, He saw the MDF underneath, Looked at me, looked back at the guitar, and asked what had happened? I told him. He was looked perturbed, but he realized how much i loved this guitar, and said “well you wont be trying anything like that anytime soon?” i nodded my head. then i said to him jokingly, We’ll if i had a wireless system like angus, this wouldn’t of happened? we both laughed

Giovanni says: I was playing a gig with my former band. I ‘m not the kind of guy standing on the side of the stage just playing in the limelights. Oh no, I bounce around, climb on speakers, monitors and everything around me that’s climable. No need to say, that’s almost impossible when using a cable. I used to have a wireless system form sennheiser. But it died on me a week befor this gig. Well in the middle of the gig I decided to climb on a small ledge behind the drummer. Figuring my cable was long enough and it was! But it curled up the moment I ‘hovered’ above my drummer. The stage was pretty small and the drummer was real close to the edge on the back of the stage. As I said; my cable curled up and became a noose around the drummers neck so I pulled him backwardsa of the stage, I tumbled on top of him and as you might guess, my amp followed. It was a mess, We managed to finish the show after this, but my amp needed repair, the drummers seat was destroyed, he hurt his back and I found out later that I probably dislocated my shoulder but it popped back emmidiatly… All these things ended up getting repared or healed, but the relationship between the drummer and me did need a little more time  No need to point out that I realy need a new wireless system…

J MICHAEL COZAD says: I was singing and playing and had a hole in my shoe. Someone spilled a beer right in front of the mic stand. Simultaneously I grabbed my guitar and touched my lip to the mic and got “SHOOOOOCKED!!” I through my head back and felt my lip. It wouldn’t quit movin’! Just kept going up and down on its own. Quivering on steriods explains it best. I looked at everyone and as they said “are you alright?” they started laughing at me! I said I can’t stop it! It’s doing it on it’s own! They busted out and the drummer bent over and fell against the wall, the other guitar player bent over and put his hands on his knees and his guitar hanging off his kneck, the bass player points and says “look at that look at it!” “never seen anything like that WOW! I’m wondering if it’s permanent about now! The lead singer says “Did the mic do that? Was it the mic? and he put his down. Everyone else –laughing and some concerned. Anyway it did stop after a few minutes. And I always have good shoes , and check the floor! 

Michael Pham says: So I was performing at a school talent show for pro grad. I have been using 2 20′ Live Wire cables connected with a 1/4″ to 1/4″ adapter connected to a Vox Valvetronix AD50VT. It sat at the back of the stage due to the high volume and I mic’d it with an SM Beta 57. Earlier, a band that performed before me borrowed one of my cables and as the stage hand returned it, they knocked over my guitar putting it out of tune. I was playing a Chevelle song in Drop B, so it was incredibly hard to tune last minute (I usually use Guitar Rig for tuning).  I was time for me to play. Not only did I play out of tune, the patched dual cord was caught under the tool box I had on stage (yeah, I’m a Pete Loeffler fan). This made me immobile and I almost tripped (i turned around twice to untangle myself). I did not move much for the rest of the performance, only some occasional head-banging. Even while I performed my solo, there was little movement. The judge’s faces went from pure enjoyment to almost falling asleep. Needless to say, That cost me the talent show prize scholarship. One of the judges came up to me after the performance and told me “That performance of yours was amazing, but there should have been consistent movement and energy throughout. You kinda died down towards the end there.” I was going to defend myself, but why should I when it is already over. It is not going to change the results. I came home knowing that the performance did not go as planned and I should have won the prize money.

Paulster14 says:  Back in 1990 was opening for Spread Eagle at the Birch hill night club. Was so excited brought my full rig which included my full stack. Started our set and in middle of first song all sound from my guitar goes blank. This started one of those famous bass drum jams. I figured to replace the cord first, well I forgot my back up cord and all I had was a three foot plug. I had to had to face directly at the amp do to the shortness of the cord and height of stack. I played 7 songs that way and could not hear the band at all. So the crowd got a great view of my back and I never knew if I was playing in time to the beat. Good times!

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More information on the Line 6 Relay G30

Visit Line 6 here : http://line6.com/relay/ to see their Overview, Features, Specs & FAQ on this unit.

As always, GOOD LUCK & ROCK ON,

Signed, The Tone King & Line 6

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