YOU VOTE : Orange Rockerverb or Thunderverb?


Watch the Rockerverb 50 Review 

Watch the Thunderverb 50 Review

Watch the Shoot-Out (both Rockerverb & Thunderverb)

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  1. Erika says:

    I don’t қnow if it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else exρeriencing problems
    with your website. It appeɑrs as if some of the
    written tеxt in your content are running off the screen. Ϲan somebody else pⅼease
    comment and let me know if this is happening to them too?
    This may be a issue with my internet browser becausе I’ve had this happen before.

    Thank you

  2. Chris says:

    Personally? I like the Rockerverb better but when this was published I’d of prolly picked the Thunderverb. These days I play a lot more lead tho and I prefer to cut through the mix more now because of that. I think they are both great and I’d suggest the thunderverb to my rhythm player if we were both on stage together. I need to get me an MKlll some time. Until then my JVM410 will have to do and it’s not so shabby either haha! Love your vids as well dude.

  3. Steve says:

    Rocker Verb MKii can change to 6L6’s,KT88’s or 6550’s Im sure that opens the door to a much broader spectrum of tone compared to the TV.

  4. Marky Mark says:

    I found the Rockerverb 50 had more clarity, better definition, and not the metal head sound. I loved the clean channel on the Rockerverb 50…the Thunderverb sounded very solid, but just was too over the top for me. I perform CCR, Skynyrd, Eagles, Doobies, Stones, and Moody Blues Tribute shows. I have demoed both of them at a local retailer. With this online demonstration, it solidified my choice perfectly. I believe Orange to be a superb quality amplifier, but the Thunderverb may me better suited for the player that requires a larger “THUMP” than I do. The overall timbre of the Rockerverb won my heart.

  5. steve says:

    I too struggled with the question of TV vs. RV. RV is like a little girl compared to the almighty Thunderverb. The TV can do whatever the RV can do and more. Add the lowend response and attenuator, no comparison. It is as good as it gets.

  6. JP says:

    Hi Tone King

    I now you did a review on the Orange Thunderverb 50, but is it possible to do a mega ‘indepth’ demo of the amp ?
    Even if it is a mosnster 2 part demo/review !
    I would LOVE to hear more of this amp (my nearest Orange dealer is 12 hours away), especially the lower gain sounds – think Led Zeppelin, and hot rodded blues like Scott H. Biram.
    I would be over the moon if you can do something like that for us.
    Many Thanx

  7. sean maine says:

    the orange Rockerverb is by far the better amp you can use this amp to get vintage tweed sounds or crank it up to get a heavy marshall plexi sound this is and amazingly versatile guitar head!

  8. Andey says:

    i went for the Rockerverb on this one. to me, the gain is more than enough at 2 o’clock on the Rockerverb so the massive sounding gain on the Thunderverb seems excessive. to me. i need a clean channel so i guess that’s the kick. if you’re only doing gain stuff, Thunderverb all the way. but that clean channel is key. plus on the mark one, i’ve noticed a MUCH better clean channel. the difference is staggering. a lot cleaner. much love for the shoot out. i found out that i for sure like the Rockerverb MKI better than any other amp out there. it’s been between these two amps for a while. i’ve played both but not back to back so thanks TK.
    a side note, am i the only person who thinks the gain on these amps resemble that of a JCM 800 mixed with a Dual Rectifier. like the meat and mid girth of the 800 and the gain for days of the Rectifier. i use that combo in the recording studio quite often so this amp should be interesting to shoot out against those two and see if i can replace two for one live.

  9. Helmut says:

    Thunderverb 50!!!
    I own this Amp….you have got more bottom end with this Monster vs the RV50 MK2. But you have to play the right cab! First I tried 2 x 12″ Rhoad Ready Mesa Boogie Thiele loaded with EVM12L, and I found that the sound was a little muddy. Played throug an Orange PPC 212 and it shines! Comes very well through the mix. Can play at lower levels (!) and it sounds very, very, very big.
    Bigger than playing at lower levels with my Dual Terror! (think of two guitarrists playing the same riff) You can feel the power physically (even at lower levels!!!). (say so my drummer and bass player).

    Channel A is more of the Classic Rock thing.
    Channel B can get very brutal, the shape control let´s you dial in any (metal) tone you want. Ok, not as much distortion as the RV 50 but YOU DO NOT NEED THAT! There is much gain in Channel B and this Channel is “voiced for metal” – you do not miss the extra gain from the RV 50.

    TV 50 can also do clean very well on both Channels but the main reason for me was that I can deal in 2 separate dirty Channels. Channel A for some 84´ van Halen or Randy Rhoads tone and Channel B for some metal stuff a la Metallica etc….You can easy swith between both sounds.

    Not so the RV 50. For me, there is no time in a live situation to dial in any tones during the gig…so the RV
    is not enough flexible for me.

    I tried the RV 50MK2 and to my ears the TV50 sounds bigger and more “brutal in the face” than RV 50. The RV 50 MK2 is a very good Amp but I like the extra thickness of the TV50.

    The Attenuator on TV 50 works very well but it costs you some of the highs. No problem on channel A, you can easy dial in some treble but not so on Channel B. So you have to be careful with the Attenuator. If the Attenuator goes past 12 I have to boost the highs with an extra Pedal (I use MXR 6-Band EQ).

    The Amp works very well with pedals in front of the Amp.
    I use a Maxon 808 to boost for Solo – works very fine.

    The Amp is a little noisy playing with distortion (but not as noisy as Engl Powerball or a Mesa Amp)….I run a noisegate through the effects Loop and it will work very well (ISP Decimeter – best noisegate ever!)!

    The build in Reverb gives you a very rich full sound but
    you have to be careful with this. Less is more!

    So this is my Vote:

    1. Thunderverb 50 (I own it)
    2. Rockerverb 50 MK2 (tried it for one hour)
    3. Dual Terror (I own it)
    4. Thunder 30 (tried it ….and don´t like it…to muddy)

    I play mostly with my EVH Fender Wolfgang wich has medium
    output pickups and a Gibson Dusk Tiger for Slide.

    So if you are using some high output pickups on your
    guitar you can get some extra distortion out of the Amp!


  10. Riff King says:

    TV50, i like having 2 dirt channels and totally love the extra thickness in the lows the amp has (bass transformer FTW).

  11. Big Lou says:

    The built in attenuator on the Thunderverb 50 will save you $200 if you buy a seperate one. Both are great sounding amps.

  12. chris says:

    I personally like the th30 and th100 over both but if i had to choose between the 2 I’d pick the rockerverb because it does heavy metal better and cleans just as well as the other.

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