Yngwie Malmsteen by Johnny DeMarco – A TTK Exclusive!


Watch gunslinger Johnny DeMarco walk you through the tips, tricks & techniques of legend Yngwie Malmsteen!  Johnny will take pieces of Yngwie’s work, and show you how to incorporate it into your own style of playing.  He’ll talk gear – about Yngwie’s tone, pickups, amps, and will specifically address his style of ‘clean’ distortion.  You’ll hear about his influences, both classical and rock. Style and technique wise, you’ll learn some roll licks, arpeggios, diminished arpeggios, harmonic and natural minor scales.  Johnny will walk you through ‘pedal tones’, ‘target notes’ and how to make some bad ass sounding diminished runs!  And … if that isn’t enough, since Johnny and Yngwie are friends … you’ll get the low down on some pretty juicy stories!  At TTK, we’re happy to have this as an exclusive! 

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  1. Kyle says:

    Amazing, playing! Johnny Demarco from a true Yngwie Malmsteen Fan since the 80’s, met him received a pick great guy.

  2. Joe D. says:


    u rocked that…. 🙂


  3. guymandude says:

    sure would like to have a pdf of tab that corresponds to the lesson….

  4. guymandude says:

    Very good, would be nice to have a pdf or something with the tab…..

  5. dude says:

    really awesome video!! ;D

  6. Live 2Rock says:

    Johnny D is amazing ! Great lesson by a really great Artist that also happens to be a nice guy.
    Thanks TTK !

  7. Mike308 says:

    Great one Johnny DeMarco! The best in depth lesson of the great maestro Yngwie Malmsteen! You really show great tones out of MFX Boss units. I´m a Great fan of yours Johnny! Awesome player with the musicality inside! Also a great thanks to the only TTK!

  8. 29a says:

    Thanks for that lesson. I enjoyed it a lot. 🙂

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