Vox DelayLab Cheat Sheet


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Green (Standard) Amber (Vintage Red (Custom) Notes
Analog Analog Delay Saturated Delay Stereo Analog Delay bucket-brigade
Tape Echo Plus Tube Echo Multi-Head analog tape
Digital Stereo Digital Delay Lo-Fi Delay Pitch Shifting Delay DelayLab orig
Multi-Tap Multitap Delay Rhythmic Delay Multitap Filter Delay multiple outputs
Dynamic Ducking Delay Sweep Delay Distorted Delay guitar input level
Dual Parallel Delay Series Delay Dual Band Delay L+R together
Modulated Modulated Delay Filter Delay Phaser Delay mod effects
Stereo Cross Delay Panning Delay Left Center Right   Delay stereo outputs
Ambient Space Delay Reverb Delay Early Reflections   Delay added reverb
Reverse Reverse Stereo Delay Reverse Analog Delay Reverse Filter Delay reverse
Looper Digital Delay Analog Delay Space Delay

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