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  1. steve says:

    The PV has the same Motorola SHARC 32 bit processor as the 30-120 Vypyr and can be moded to access the stomp box section as well as the foot petal and the computer connections. but beside that; Oh and the PV trans tube analogue pre amp section,can’t leave that out , the PV is Dynamic it reacts like a real amp plus the FX are oh so much better, the separate adjustable Delay and reverb sections are well thought out. The Backwards fx is awesome I could go on and on , since I got that little vypyr 15 i hadn’t fired up any of my tube amps 5150,Hiwatt,Lee Jackson…. it’s that GOOD!!!! Not to mention that you can’t buy a decent delay or pitch shifter for $100.00 You can’t go wrong w/PV. The Line 6 sounds like a digitec plastic box plug into a gorilla or a firstact little amp NO Dynamics, overly compressed harsh buzz and kiddie fx . PV HANDS DOWN now go chx out the other videos on the PV vypyr to hear the clean and FX, Good job TTK , Yall give thx to THE TONE KING this man is doing you guys a great service

  2. Karl says:

    line 6 much better sound its like an echo chamber it throws out the sound much cleaner and clearer so the td goe’s to line 6 excellent practice amp

  3. Snake_Bite says:

    The Spider sounded good, but I honestly feel that the overall sound of the Peavey was better. I have actually played both of these amps so I speak from watching your video and personal experience. AWESOME video TK.

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