Folks, many of you know Marc Johnson, as a writer for  Well, MJ is also a published author (see Becoming), and a guitar teacher at Good Time Music in Streamwood Illinois.

MJ debuted his first video on TTK YouTube Channel, and in working w/ MJ, we agreed it had to be a shoot-out!  So, MJ knocked one out of the park by shooting out a G&L USA versus a G&L import video, which was a huge success.  Great job MJ!  Scroll down on this page to watch that video, right here on

Well – as you know – TTK is driven by what people want – so we are opening up the polls, and are going to ask YOU, what shoot-out you’d like to see next.  The choices for this month are : (a) ESP vs. LTD or (b) PRS US vs. PRS SE.  1 vote only … choose below.

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  1. Big Lou says:

    I just got my First G&L USA ASAT Bluesboy in Swamp Ash with a HB in the Neck and a SC in the Bridge. Vintage Tinted neck rocks and this is a great made guitar and comes in a fantastic case. I saw you were playing that video using a Rivera Knucklehead amp 🙂 Great piece of USA made gear. One of the guys at church has a Rivera and that baby can go from Clean to Metal.

  2. SlimMetal says:

    Ace69 – Just because we are metal-heads means we don’t have any taste? Sounds like your talking out of the ignorant side of your big mouth friend. I’m a metal-head to the core, but I wanted to see the PRS shootout.

  3. What modernguitarist said is the point of view i am coming from but slightly differntly. With the somewhat recent 25th anniversary, prior to that the singlecut being deemed ‘legal’ and the somewhat misleading neck profile names i find (Just my own very humble opinion on that one course) plus the mostly inbetween 25″ scale-length. I voted for PRS/PRS SE also. The 25th anniversary DGT is a master piece, The Torrero has not been given as much of a look for a rather radical take by PRS for the floyd/EMG lot (like myself) and yeah it would be good to see how a 25th anniversary SE stocks up against its premium counterpart. If it does not get a look this time then definately one to keep in mind for the near future 🙂


  4. Bill says:

    How about the LTD vs. the PRS SE?….both of similar price ranges?…I’m currently looking at the EC-1000 MGO (Gold Top)….Love that guitar, but I must admit that i am tempted to look at the lower end PRS guitars.

  5. Allen says:

    do a ESP Oujia Vs the ESP Iron Cross!! 😉
    there is more than just pickup difference in the ESP and LTD you know, ESP has better Everything, Woods, neck shapes, floyd originals, better tuning pegs, better electronics. They’re more expensive for a reason

  6. Ace69 says:

    I agree, ESP/LTD are much of muchness. TOO many metal heads voted here with no taste! 54-52 with my vote!

    Both would sound the same as they all got the EMG active shit in them! All wank!

    A PRS comparison with PRS HFS pickups in it with PRS and SE models would be far more productive and indicative!

  7. Modernguitarist says:

    As much as I love ESP and LTD, I’d say do a comparison between PRS and PRS-SE. The main reason I say this is because of the big price gap between them. Kind of a strange reason, but thats my story. =P

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