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Last Friday of Every Month Webcast :

On the last Friday of every month, at two minutes till midnight Eastern (GMT-5, NYC time), The Tone King goes live where he premiers new gear, interviews call-in guests and answers questions from viewers in real-time. Stay tuned to his monthly broadcast to get the low-down on what is coming down the pike!

Direct link to the monthly webcast may be across UStream, YouTube, or LiveStream … so please check links below.

If you miss the webcast – you can always watch the playback on YouTube.

Second Tuesday of Every Month Webcast

Guitar Gear Tech Talk with Co-Host Jeff Diamant (President / CEO DBZ/Diamond Guitars & Diamond Amps)

This event will broadcast LIVE on LiveStream:

Playback will be on YouTube:

Thank you & ROCK ON!


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  1. Chrus Redden says:

    I have a Fender Blues Jr. 3 Amp. AS a Christmas Gift i recieved Digitech RP 599 Effects pedal. I play Quartet Gospel Musci. What is the best way i setup my stomp box? Help please I’m doing this for Jesus. I want to take my worship to the next level. God bless you and your family. Ps 115:12-15

  2. lanikai uke says:

    love the show and the guitars…..!!!!

  3. Allan says:

    Great idea to do these webcasts. I’ll look out for the next one although being in Australia I’ll have to work out the time difference.

  4. ernesto says:

    hey TTK !! could you add some more low end to that high gain section ??

  5. WoodyH38 says:

    Is the live webcast compatible with the iphone 4?

  6. Tone King………………You are the King of Tone !URW7

  7. Chris Kalal says:

    Hey Tone King, love your review’s its about the only way i can check out cool stuff i probably will never get the chance to check out. I was wondering if you can do a review on the new Zoom pedal, the G2.1DM. I have the G1X but am a fan of MegaDeth would love a peek at the this pedal. Thnx!

  8. Chris says:

    Aw shazbot, missed out on most of the webcast. Thanks,TTK, for all you do. I’ll have to catch the recast on youtube for the Mustang stuff. Kidpip out. Oh, what amp were you using in the beginning when you were playing the Jackson? I know through the PODHD, but into what and out what cabinet?

  9. gwar41 says:

    hey man love your show. can you do a show a but the dunlop mxr zaak wylde overdrive and the mxr evh phase 90 ?

  10. JanThomas says:

    Hi,love your show but not sure if I can attend the ustream because I live in Europe so I wanted to know if the names will aslo be posted on the site or on youtube.

  11. Holmes1978 says:

    Excellent I feel that way my self with my guitar and I alway have people telling me “just play it , in there words it’s going to get marked up anyways “? To me I look after my stuff I would like for it to be around for a while lol respect hour instruments !!! The Tone King ROCKS

  12. rockpix says:

    Its a beauty….if I owned it, I would be afraid to play it ! Who said they couldn’t add another twist to the V shaped guitar.

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