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About the Author: Hello. Welcome to! My name is Louis, but in name of good fun & entertainment - I call myself The Tone King. This website was born back in 2008, to compliment the videos I started uploading to YouTube on guitar & related gear (guitar, amps, pedals, etc.). It has since grown, thanks to the thousands that tune in, making it what it is. If you subscribe to, you can expect lots of Guitar, Amp, Pedal Reviews & Shoot-Out videos. I also have monthly Live Webcasts, perform Artist Interviews, and try to get all the juicy coverage Backstage and at trade-shows like NAMM. The cherry on top is that there are no shortage of How-To Videos & TTK Killer Deal Alerts getting you the most knowledge & gear into your hands & mind! Thanks for stopping by to check out my website! Rock ON!

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  1. tjrvntman says:

    I agree w/Steve up above; you do a great service sharing your knowledge w/others. Long ago I had a friend who was a huge blues nut. I never understood it. Metal Before All! He always talked about “overdrive” and “singing distortion” AND this regional guitar player he knew who was older and in a blues band. As time went by I realized that the guy in the band was grooming my bud to be the drummer in his half ass band (nothing against blues but that’s the kind of band it was). POINT IS…he never really divulged anything about music or business that he didn’t want you to know…SO HE COULD LEAD THE WAY, in a total control sort of sense. In a way I guess that’s business too. My friend acted in like kind when I tried to press him for offerings of wisdom from his guru. I just got cliches and talk like “you’ll figure it out”,”what are you doing”,”you gotta have the blues”. Honestly,no big dif,I met my hot blonde wife,married her,sold my SG and said fuck bands,fuck practice,fuck people,Fuck IT,IM IN LOVE! Then 20 yrs, 4 kids, and 400 channels of nothing later, I found the riddle of steel laying on the field and tried to pick it up again. Because of you and people like you on the internet I can lift it. I stumbled on to your videos early on and the one that hooked me was the one that explained what an “overdrive” pedal was for. I thought they were meaningless pieces of muddy sounding shit until I found where you demo’d the KranKshaft overdrive and their distortion pedal and talked about how to find “unity” and create a 2nd channel on your amp, and how to place a distortion box into the effects return of any amp and use it for a preamp. Oh…So that’s what that stuff is for!!! I ordered a shirt w/the horns on it because that’s where its at for me and if it hadn’t been for that one guy behind the amp that one night after work and a few beers and some consideration I never would have looked back and touched a guitar again! Thank me? No. Thank You Tone King. And I’ll Get YOU One Of Those ORIGINAL NORTHEAST NEBRASKA GODDAMN DEVILMAN BAD BOYS RIGHT FUCKIN THERE \”/

  2. Steve Goodwin says:

    Been watching your site 4 sometime now and enjoy it very much. If I may get nosey how do you obtain so much gear 2 do your reviews? I had been out of the music scene 4 about 40yrs and was amazed at the technology that is out there and just kept buying more and more gear to find the tone or sounds I was looking4 and wish I had found your site sooner would have saved me a few thousand$$ now I am trying to sell a ton of gear with not much luck.Anyway enjoy your site very much and please keep up the great job and Rockon!!

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  7. Jerry says:

    Just ordered a Shirt only and paid with paypal Louis . It never gave me a place to put the size . Maybe I just missed it but I need a XXL . I also have the same email address in . Thanks ! Sorry for the mix up . PS – Please stop thanking me for lunch , The pleasure was all mine .

  8. Yves Parmentier says:

    I Didn’t have a Choice of Size For My T-Shirt
    I Want a Large Please

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