The Future of Gear : “In Your Own Words” by Producer, Gary Wolk


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  1. Brian MacDonald says:

    I, like most musicians, am very pleased by the accessibility of quality digital recording equipement. I use a Tascam DP-02 8-track, and coupled with a hand full of Sure mics. and Boss muli-pedals can record some very professional sounding tracks. This is a far cry from the old “garage sound” of the old 4-track tape recorders that were used when I began playing.
    The thing that concerns me today is the ever expanding market of “self tuning” electric guitars and digital amps on the market. Are we becoming too dependent on digital equipment? Marketers and manufacturers claim that the sound quality is not altered, but if I am playing a digi guitar into a digi amp into a digi recording system, how can the sound be truly organic?

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