Peavey Vypyr CRUSHES Boss Katana


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ENJOY THIS friendly shoot-out between the Peavey Vypyr and the Boss Katana. What are your thoughts? Check Sweetwater for prices on both here:

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  1. Bob Clarke says:

    You don’t mention that the Vypyr is the Pro version for $499, and the Katana you compare is the $199 amp…not as much power or price. Be fair and honest. Either compare with the 100 watt Katana, which is still cheaper, or use a standard Vypyr, which is priced in line with the Katanas! You usually are much better than this!

  2. James Graham says:

    What comment can be left if it is not positive, it seems to disappear.
    I point out most Katana forums posts acknowledge the 50 is not the better choice. Get the 100 then test using sneaky amp mods. Open your ears as little. Focus on Peavey is understandable, but the slant is lopsidedly in favor towards your Peavey mainly because you are favoring it.

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