LIVE WEBCAST REMINDER : 12/27 @ 2 minutes to midnight ~ LIVE Michael Angelo Batio Interview!


Can we take a vote? Do you want the webcast on YouTube where there is a LAG, or on UStream – where it’s real-time without the lag.

Hope to see you all there!


The Roadie Rag - An EZer way to clean your instruments!

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  1. Tom Lyle says:

    By the way the hair thing is about the fact he is the most lavished and skilled players of a music that like women have a animal magnetism, an unattainable by nearly all mortal men (people)could wish to achieve. It’s not beauty for attraction beauty can only something great than normal. Like judges wearing wigs. As a wise men older than possible by any. Maybe its to British or something, like a religious cloth of skill.

  2. Tom Lyle says:

    Ask him M.A.B. what he thinks is his best vibrato signature between licks (transition)is best represented as his style so excited, so much respect…

  3. Tom Lyle says:

    Ask Batio to do a guitar like your LTD 1000 with a Sustain-er in the middle of a 3 pick ups set up, and a zero friction trem,{Ibanez} and led light system around the pick ups, and a roller bridge no I mean , nut, like a fender plus. Dose he he fell defined by his metal persona ie he can’t go to pop ish radio friendly,or alternative or more love song,techno, ect.

  4. formercakid says:

    Ask Batio where he gets those terrible wigs he wears.

  5. CC says:

    Ustream – plus I enjoy the chat mode better on Ustream.

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