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Meet Dan Benkert.  Dan sent in this rockin’ pic.  He is a regular participant in the comment section of my videos – he won the Randall Rd1C amp from this past 30 Pedals and 30 Days – and even took part in a TTK Killer Deal Alert BC Rich Mockingbird.  He’s all things TTK, and I am thankful for him, his enthusiasm & participation.  Dan, keep rockin’ my friend!  Here’s one of these bad boys for you \m/ !!!  Rock ON! \m/

Oh – and for those interested – Dan will be on national TV tonight (3/6/14). “NASAs Unexplained Files” is the show its on the Science Channel part of the Discovery networks. Heres a link:


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  1. Lou says:

    Hi Dan,

    Big Lou here. LOL I got my Randall head cover too in the TTK giveaway. Keeps my shaved head nice and warm. LOL I picked a Mockingbird just like your in one of those Musician’s Friends Deal of the day for $350 🙂 Mine has the Floyd Rose trem. but I can’t tell if yours is a FR or a hard tail. I have been trying to find a gig bag for it but I don’t wan’t to spend too much. Just for protection for my collection.

  2. Dan Benkert says:

    By the way That Randall RD1C makes an amazing Metal head amp at low volumes and you can get a decent volume out of it. One thing I love about the amp is the way you can run your pedals or your favorite effects POD or whatever you use. It also has a mute on the speaker and you can go direct into your DAW.I will have to do a video thats where I suck at because I dont have a good camera right now. Rock On \m/

  3. Dan Benkert says:

    Wow Lou Thank You very much my friend. This is why I support you . You care about your fans and its not about money its about the Gear and the people. You are number 1 in gear and reviews in my book brother. I am a very serious UFO investigator and UFO Historian and Electronics Engineer. And to all ToneKing Fans you all rock.
    Thank You Rock On \m/

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