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How to Enter / How to Win

Watch the Live Webcast Interview or the Video Review (which has clips from the Interview) and share with us something you learned about the amp, the owner / designer, the company or anything else that was discussed or covered.  It could be something specific about the amp, the company, or something that simply inspired you.  There is no right or wrong comment.  We’re simply using the comment as your entry.  You are welcome to comment directly on this page – or the YouTube page.  We’ll be checking ALL of the pages, making is super easy for you to participate & win!  LOTS OF LUCK and Rock ON!

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Simple Terms & Rules

Event will run March 7, 2014 – March 14, 2014.  You can leave a comment on this page, or any of the TTK branded Four Force videos.  1 winner, 1 prize.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond.  If we are unable to contact the winner within a 24 hour time period, another winner will be selected that next day.  Winners may be announced on any Four Force or TTK Channel.  Prize can take 4-6 weeks to arrive so please be patient & cool.  Prize is as-is with no implied warranty.   Prize has no cash value and no substitution of prizes allowed.  Odds of winning prize are dependent on the amount of entries at time of selecting a winner.  Not responsible for computer error or outage that may directly affect this give-away.  Any applicable taxes, including all international, federal, state, local and other taxes and any license, destination and delivery charges are the responsibility of the winner.   This contest is void where prohibited.  (Check your local laws).  Please be of legal age to participate or have a parent or guardian enter on your behalf. (Check your local laws).  For MSRP information, please visit Manufacturer website.   Any questions – please email info @  And, if you’d really, really, really like to snail mail in a comment – by all means, you’re welcome to.  PO Box 913, Manalapan, NJ 07726.

The Amp, The Company

Where to Purchase

If you’d like to purchase one … by all means … go for it!  You won’t be disappointed … Click Here


 Official Demo & Review inc. excerpts of the Live Interview with Owner & Designer of the Four Force Amp.

Live Webcast Playback, which has the FULL Interview with Owner & Designer of Four Force.

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  1. Would love to win this for husband. This is a wonderful amp and this would be so nice to replace his ancient one. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Dustin Hayes says:

    I know the amps where out there, but I had not heard the sound. Very awesome sound for such a small, minimalist unit. Very awesome.

  3. anthony says:

    Anthony says:
    March 8, 2014 at 12:17 pm
    What I like best about this amp is the portability, sturdy construction, and great sound. The stage monitor design is also a plus. To hear this amp, the sound is incredible for its size and price range, and to think a small family owned business funded by the owner himself is an inspiration to take on the many big amp manufacturers. I hope nothing but the best for four force amps. Thank you tone king.

  4. Aaron says:

    Really cool modern look, with amazing tone this amp has great potential. I hope in the future we can see some 50 or 75 watt heads and cabs from this company for guitarist to play with live on stages.

  5. ita9080 says:

    strong sound !!! Luck 

  6. Felipe says:

    Being from a electronic background, the designer did a great minimalistic job, including the unique cabinet desing. It will be an excelent amp for a beginner like me. TTK a pleasure always to see your videos, i hope i can learn very soon to play.

    Greetings from Argentina.


  7. Strahil says:

    I love it. Looks interesting, sounds good, I hope the guy gets enough support to keeps up the good work.

  8. Ryan Coveyduc says:

    I learned that this little indestructible beast can leap from tall ladders in a single bound! It can take a beating, provide great tones, and looks cool to boot. All of this at a great price point.

  9. Rishab says:

    This is really useful as a practice amp. Small and compact but effective! Awesome price for you get!!

  10. Mike says:

    Great Amp, Design,Portablity and sound is all their.
    Looks like the future is already here!!!!!

  11. Saul says:

    The unique minimal design, durability and electronic ingenuity used in this amp is underpriced, I would pay more what its selling for and in fact might just buy it. The light weight and strong features this amp has can’t be found in many amps anywhere near this price range and for it to take on big cabs and pedals wows me even more. No wonder it won at NAMM, you deserve it.

  12. Jared Skelton says:

    This is one awesome piece of space age looking tech!

  13. Jay Manley says:

    Wow, I would love to use this as my road practice amp! I think it sounded great and has lots of great options!

  14. Matt S says:

    Budget price @ about $120 and perfect for traveling w/out the need for special adapters. I like it.

  15. zeram1 says:

    The EM-1 is a great small amp with a lot of nice tones in it. I have a 300W/ch Sun, which is way too loud for my one bedroom condo. Well, that’s what my (so-called) neighbors have told me! The EM-1 definitely would fit the bill.

  16. Bill DeHart says:

    Great little practice/jam amp would love to own one!

  17. Bill DeHart says:

    Nice little practice/jam amp would love to own one!

  18. Liam Tobey says:

    I love how you get that great tube amp sound out of that little interesting piece of history. And I love the innovative look and the quality Four Force produces.

  19. Alec Schmigelski says:

    This amp is a new innovative look on the classic guitar amplifier. It inspired me to think outside the box. Not be like everyone else. Thanks.

  20. Mat Pearson says:

    i have been listening to the videos and omg it sounds amazing i love the angled speaker it adds dynamics to it

  21. Osmar Zilio says:

    New concept. Innovative design. Great sound. I want one.

  22. MeFFF says:

    Nice little Amp, i especially like the angled speaker and the overall design. And it could take 50 Volts of input. If 1 one guitar puts out 1 Volt, well you could play then 50 Guitars at the same time trough this amp. 😉

  23. Alan Anderson says:

    Fantastic little practice amp great tone small enough not to pxxx off the wife can’t Waite until I can get one in the UK .. OH I MIGHT HAVE ALREADY WON ONE that’s rock and roll

  24. Chamathke says:

    One thing that really struck out about this lil amp was how simple it is, from construction to controlls, not many amps out there that model tubes are simple and straightforward. Many put so many different effects into the system that that true tone of the amp is lost, unknown and ultimately ends up leaving the amp with nothing unque. The simpllicity of Four Force amps adds a degree of uniqueness that will go a long way for those giggers who want to claim a certain sound as their own.

  25. Matt Murphy says:

    Things I have learned –

    Indestructibility for the win.
    Price for the win.
    Portability for the win.

  26. Nathaniel Sherman says:

    I thought it was interesting that the designer talked about tilting the speaker at an angle to make it sound better, I’d like to see how that works and if the unique shape of this amp adds to that effect!

  27. Duane Lortie says:

    Too many cool things about this amp to list here, but to summarize.

  28. Brian says:

    When I first saw this amp, I wondered what was behind the looks of it, besides an effort to set it apart from the crowd. To me, it kind of looked like a space heater! Once I heard the interview with Mr. McGillivary, I understood.

    When I heard that he was an audiophile and liked vinyl (later in the interview), it all made sense. Of course, the amp sounds great and is incredibly durable and I knew the looks of the amp contributed to those characteristics. But then I realized that the amp’s appearance was much like that of high-end audiophile equipment. The EM-1 is sleek and modern, just like a lot of audiophile equipment out there (which, by the way, costs many times more than the EM-1). Whether it was intentional or not, Mr. McGillivary’s audiophile nature is clearly represented in the EM-1 design.

    Now that I understood the mindset of the designer, it makes so much sense. The EM-1 is an amp with high-end, audiophile roots without the audiophile price or fragility. Excellent!

  29. Been watching TTK for a while now. He does great reviews and demos. This amp looks like everything I’ve been searching for. Small and rugged with a big sound. Too cool. Hope I win!

  30. Rodger says:

    What’s meaningful to me is here is an instance where someone has invested his time, money and energy into his passion and has created an awesome, innovative product, a family-owned small business, jobs for others who share his passion, and a legitimate buzz in the industry. Congrats!

  31. Brian Kelly says:

    At about $120.00 you get a nice little well built amp with great sound that you can travel the world with out needing special adapters to power it up.

  32. I love the idea of keeping the design as close to the tube amp by using 5 jfed transitors . portable light weight . wedge type speaker mounts saves you on amp stand . most of all would be the price range anyone can afford.

  33. I love the idea of taking a tube amp and changing as few components as possible to get this kind of result. The solid and unique case/cab design is awesome, too. I’d love to play one of these, it sounds great and looks even better. Keep up the great work!

  34. Eric Venters says:

    I found it interesting that you could drive the front end with 50 volts and the amp would still perform. His comment about parallel surfaces could cause resonance problems was new info to me.. It appears to be a cool SS amp.

  35. Ronnie Pacheco says:

    The interview with the developer was great. What I found most interesting is that he is actually a tone freak with the electrical engineering experience to make this amp reality. Funding the development with his own money and selling at the price point is amazing in its own right. Would be awesome to see him develop a 100w head/cab option that used tubes….

  36. Doug Child says:

    That is pretty amazing sound out of such a small package! I can’t believe the price either! At the very least this would be a great practice amp….

  37. Richard Piatek says:

    I like the tough build of this small amp!

  38. blaine ludeman says:

    I 1st saw this amp in scott groves site/ contest. they’re trying to get world distribution. great options on this amp alone! I can’t wait o see their other new amps!

  39. Stacy Young says:

    I love the minimalistic design philosophy it seems to have really paid off in tone! And what’s not to like about its nigh invulnerability? That challenge vid on their site was quite impressive. You can take that sucker anywhere without worry.

    I think one of the most important “features” of this amp isn’t a feature at all. It’s the fact that its made by a small “mom and pop” type company and that’s something this country needs more of these days.

  40. Howell says:

    A great little amp with a 10″ speaker and yet it is so light and portable

  41. Mark says:

    Sounds good, I like that it’s indestructible

  42. Brent Johnston says:

    I like the growl of the amp, the look and the convenient handle!

  43. jon ault says:

    why so cheap or why are others so expensive!

  44. Glenn Birkhimer says:

    I like the portability. And it has a 10″ speaker. Awesome for the price.

  45. Orest Garasum says:

    What have i learned ?
    Indestructible AMP is a good idea.
    Ability to drive a 4×12 cab is another great idea.
    For it durability , it may be great for taking it wherever you want.

    Good Luck for all.

  46. Jake says:

    A few inspirational things learned about the four force review –

    1. The tube like tonal qualities for a solid state amp are truly amazing…the way it responds to your pick attack and the simple clean design that would pair up well with your favorite pedals makes this a winner.
    2. They hit one out of the park with the light weight factor. No other amp company has made such a durable low weight amp with such a deep tone. That makes the amp totally unique and in a class by itself.
    3. The looks of it – Its not just another cloned boring amp. It has a cool retro vibe but also somehow has a modern look at the same time. Its like an aesthetically pleasing piece of art

    They hit on all the right points with this amp….no wonder they won best at NAMM!

  47. Steve Reed says:

    Well I learned about The Four Force is that there’s a New Benchmark for the Future of Amp’s w/Price point, Looks Retro/Modern Art-Deco with some design features from the designers daughter – to make it Look “Tougher” via The Pull Bar & Grill. It’s Light Weight & NO Voltage Regulation Adapter needed!!! It has the circuit in it Brilliant! It reacts to your touch much like a tube amp, good cleans to Dirty & every thing in between e.g. Blues breakup i.e. SRV tone. w/ Electric, But It also work well w/Acoustic Guitars, Oh the Controls are simple The Design is Truly Unique a $119 Amp that can Out work amps triple the price, Oh btw you can use it to drive a 4×12 Cab. Wow! The Lightweight Polymer/ Resin injection molding makes for a Sturdy Combo & does surprisingly sounds GOOD. It has many color variation possibilities, The Balance of Light & Shade is reflected in the Injection molding Geometric Style Enclosure instead of the Old “Wooden Box” very Fresh looking The Shade pt would be the Cool METAL Grill and The Hefty Pull Bar for easy transpiration. The Angle the speaker is mounted is like a wedge monitor this is a well thought out Amp Designed in America which is a Big Plus for me. I Honor that. I believe this amp just might have Kick Down the barrier of what is expected of a $119 Amp or $911 Amp for that matter.With It’s color variations & maybe Grill Choices Ace’s, Spades, Diamonds Crosses in the Future this could be an Amp for All Styles Breaking another barrier. Oh did I mention That it Sound Good takes petals Great & Sound good w/Acoustics don’t believe me Chk out The Tone Kings Demo you will be surprised. May The FOUR FORCE Be WITH YOU!

  48. Rob says:

    Sounds Good, Can’t beat the price.

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