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  1. bss217 says:

    sorry didn’t mean to leave a double

  2. bss217 says:

    OK the Blackstar amp just does just what every other amp does these days. Its plays bright clean strumming chords. Where is an amp without having to mic it or hook to your computer to get a better sound? And all these effects, who uses all these, they are just toys. Come on where are the amps with balls? I’m I the only one that plays lead and don’t always want bright clean strumming? Get an acoustic guitar & strum your heart out. I’ve been ripped off buying amps like the Blackstar and having to send them back, too many times. I guess I’ll keep looking for Tone ToneKing

  3. bss217 says:

    Who ever thinks that we all play major & minor chords has got their head up their a@@. Any or most amps play clean chords like the blackstar amp but I had to turn ur little you tube video off because he just wouldn’t play lead. Just slowly strum those chords in clean. Where is an amp with balls? Not head banger stuff that’s just power chorde, I’m talking full out dirty lead!!!! where, what amp does this? bss217

  4. ED BUSH says:

    easy to use likes pedals would sound and look so cool hooked up to an old AMPRO projector cabinet art deco grill next to a modern space age looking grill.

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