Ibanez JS24P & Meet Joe Satch


 Many thanks to Ibanez for an awesome event! 

CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners! 

(And, if you see your name listed below – please be patient … I will be reaching out to each of you individually!)



1st Place

Oliver W of Perry, MI

2nd Place

Ira D of Henderson, NV
Eric V of Virginia Beach, VA
Aaron P of Glendale, CA

3rd Place

Ariel L of Orlando, FL
Bryan B of Abingdon, MD
George F of Winter Park, FL
Nicholas J of Diamond Bar, CA
Gregory S of Capac, MI


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  1. Steve Reed says:

    Joe is a down to earth Guy, Winners Talk w/him as a fellow musician,& IF you are real he will converse with you, Don’t do the Devil Horn @ him he’s not down w/ Satan , He like to talk gear. One No The Nicest persons I’ve met, the Band Not STU the other bassist & Camapaline Drummer were Jerks, Joe is The Most Accomplished Guitarist & it has not went to his head. Good for You guys that get to meet him.

  2. Andreas says:

    Cheers for the vids man, I always like to check up on reviews enforce I buy equipment and the tone king videos are always my first choice. Keep up the amazing work!
    P.S. could you give the Wirral a shout out in your next video please haha!

  3. John Stickevers says:

    Nice review of ths JS24p. How does it compare to the JS2400?

  4. Pete lutsky says:

    Thanks for all the great vids TK!!!

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